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Egon Kilin

My life-long dream has been to test out every gadget on the market! Considering the fact that I've rapidly destroyed almost every gadget I've had so far, I'm not inclined to owning something, so my ideal outcome would be to have a different gadget each month. I'm really into smartphones, wearables and tablets and I love Playstation and Xbox, I'm sure I'll beat you at your own game (after a month of training... or two)

Digital tattoos, innovative screen locks and more

The new Moto X comes with a promising and innovative new feature, almost spy-tech, even. Basically, you stick a tatto wherever you want and when the phone detects it, it unlocks. You can say goodbye to the waterdrops and the fades, the phone recognizes you. We have seen similar technology incorporated in LG devices as well, such as the face ...

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Twitter under pressure to release data

Reverend Jesse Jackson, a U.S. civil rights advocate has begun pressuring Twitter to follow in the footsteps of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo, to release its employee diversity data, claiming that blacks were underrepresented in the tech community based on racial discrimination rather than on skills and abilities. Jackson has founded The Rainbow Push Coalition, a black empowerment group, with ...

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Microsoft to lay off 18.000 employees

Microsoft has announced on Thursday, July 17th that the company was going to begin massive layoffs of up to 14% of their staff, to be accomplished in the following year. Most affected by these layoffs will be the newly acquired Nokia devices and services division, with a cut of about 12.500 jobs, the company planning to shift non-Windows OS based ...

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