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Egon Kilin

My life-long dream has been to test out every gadget on the market! Considering the fact that I've rapidly destroyed almost every gadget I've had so far, I'm not inclined to owning something, so my ideal outcome would be to have a different gadget each month. I'm really into smartphones, wearables and tablets and I love Playstation and Xbox, I'm sure I'll beat you at your own game (after a month of training... or two)

Baidu working on automated vehicles

Google started development on it’s self-driving car running the Chauffeur software and presented a prototype on May28 without padles or a steering wheel. The self-driving car that was tested in the below video still sported these additions, but Google aims at creating a vehicle that doesn’t need you to move a finger to make it go wherever you want it ...

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Green week – environmentally friendly tech

This week came as a breakthrough in many tech-related areas, but most noticeably in green tech development and environmentally friendly designs and additions to products and services. Even though we’ve seen designs similar to the ones below, we should keep our eyes on these ones because they stand out in their potential through cost-effectiveness and wide availability and through their ...

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A look at Atari 360°

Atari has become a struggling company in the past few years, nearing bankruptcy in 2013, even after various mergers and acquisitions. Atari SA is still not in the best place but it has relaunched with the Atari Casino, which marked the company’s entrance in the social casino games industry. The platform is being developed alongside FlowPlay studio and promises a ...

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Next generation smartglass debuted at Wearable Tech Expo

Pivothead introduced its next generation smartglass today at the New York Tech Expo. Pivothead’s SMART (Simple Modular Application-Ready Technology) line begun when the original Pivothead product launched in 2012, but their next-gen smartglass surpasses Pivothead’s initial attempt at wearable devices. The new Pivothead’s main attraction is the fact that it can stream live footage and the relatively acceptable retail prize ...

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Shamu tablet – Google’s and Motorola’s new Nexus

The Shamu tablet seems to be in the making in the collaborative labs of Nokia and Motorola, who started on a project which would lead to the launch of a 5.9 inch Nexus device. There are many rumors circulating about the new device, but what we’ve learned is that they will be made at first for certain U.S. carriers only. ...

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Air Waveguide – optical cable out of thin air

A breakthrough has been made in information transmission at the University of Maryland, funded by the U.S. Military and National Science Foundation. The air waveguide is an attempt to create an optical cable in thin air using lasers. They tried recreating the process taking place in optical cables using a high-powered laser split into multiple beams instead of the cables’ ...

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Weekly Tech Digest – This week’s technology news

This week was an eventful week in the tech community, much like the whole month of July actually. Seems like summer makes brains boil to a higher degree, developers and manufacturers putting out products that simply amaze enthusiasts. The weekly digest sums up some of the news you might not have seen in your feeds yet or overlooked it. The Pirate ...

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Tor users beware!

Alarming new information has come to light from far away Russia about the country’s policy on internet anonymity. The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has set a bounty pool on Tor users’ heads. Tor is an anonymizing network, free of charge, originally designed for the U.S. navy and it protects its users from any kind of outside tracking system or ...

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Unlocking your phone may become legal

Good news has emerged among journalists for those of us who do not like our phones being locked to a single carrier and having to find alternate ways to go around unlocking our devices. In the U.S., the House of Representatives has approved the Senate’s bill petitioning for the legalization of phone unlocking. They proposed a bill that states that ...

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