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Digital tattoos, innovative screen locks and more

The new Moto X comes with a promising and innovative new feature, almost spy-tech, even. Basically, you stick a tatto wherever you want and when the phone detects it, it unlocks. You can say goodbye to the waterdrops and the fades, the phone recognizes you. We have seen similar technology incorporated in LG devices as well, such as the face recognition response to remain awake whilst detecting your face. Still. the NFC coils that respond to the digital tattoo that you have stuck on your wrist do deliver a progressive way of approaching technology and a unique access way to your data.

VivaLNK is retailing these digital tattoos for $10 saying that they can endure 5 days of water and environmental damage and they are cost effective, but they remain exclusive to the Moto X for now. VivaLNK might expand, though, if the idea catches on. It offers the benefit of increased security and multiple device support to fulfill your futuristic aspirations.

The new Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone that has recently been launched in Beijing came with a bonus: the Xiaomi Mi Band. The Band is basically a sports band carrying all its benefits like health metrics, sleep tracking and smart vibrating. The new wearable device competes with manufacturers like Sony and surpasses it with its price. Whilst Sony’s SmartBand is $140, the MI Band is just approximately $13, which gives the Mi Band a huge advantage. Besides its price, the device rises above others in its technology as well. It doubles as a security token which unlocks the phone when you are nearby and it is waterproof as well. The most impressive trait, though, is its battery life: 30 days on one charge! Its only serious downside is the absence of a screen, but it might just be more comfortable that way. There are no details available about the worldwide release of the phone and its accompanying gadget, but we hope we can get our hands on it soon.

If you got your smartphone with the purpose of enjoying it ¬†without having to make hardware changes, you have to try some of the new lock screen apps that make your interaction more fun. The Hidden Lock from Marinelli.TV hides your phone in plain sight, displaying the last activity you did on your phone as your lock screen, making it seem as if it weren’t locked. You set a button on the screen as the administrator which will be valid while the app is in use. It’s a good idea and a fun way to confuse the nosy. It doesn’t offer more security than others do, but it stands out through its simple genius.

The Smart and GO lock screens offer you (almost) unlimited access to notifications in a stylish manner, the NILS is a smooth application that helps you keep your boundaries, and the Dynamic Lock Screen by Predicted Media can be your personal assistant who shows you exactly what’s on your mind. Or you could just petition for the Mi Band to be released in your country.

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