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Ed Boon May Have Teased Another Mortal Kombat 1 DLC Character

Following a recent Mortal Kombat 1 datamine suggesting Ghostface from the Scream series may be added to the game, director and co-creator Ed Boon posted an intriguing image on social media. It depicts horror characters from past Mortal Kombat games and others that have yet to appear. One is Ghostface, as shown below. This character joins Chucky and Jigsaw. It’s ...

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Pricey Pokémon X Van Gogh Museum Merch Is Selling Online

Update : Yesterday, you may have seen videos of crowds attempting to buy exclusive Pokémon merchandise at the Van Gogh Museum. As expected, many of the limited-time items can now be found on eBay with a huge price markup, indicating that many of this opening-day crowd were out to make a quick buck. Exclusive Pikachu X Van Gogh Museum card ...

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See ‘Volt Tackle’, the first Pokémon X Hatsune Miku crossover song

The full ‘Pokémon X Hatsune Miku’ crossover song is on YouTube, and fans of both IPs should watch it. The song is the first of 18 tracks from different artists in ‘Project Voltage’, their collaboration. DECO*27 produced ‘Volt Tackle’. Put captions on to follow the lyrics. Pokémon references are abundant in the lyrics and music video. Visit the Project Voltage ...

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Next Switch Online Game Trial Is Live (North America)

Nintendo’s latest Switch Online trial in North America is for the creative Zelda-like Eastward. Exclusive to online subscribers, this trial can be downloaded and played until October 4th. Although it’s a trial period, the entire game is available, and progress is carried over if you buy it. Try this latest game trial and get 100 Platinum Points and 50% off ...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Switch Rating Removed

Update: It wasn’t meant to be. Brazil’s rating board no longer lists Red Dead Redemption 2 for Switch. Due to the recent Switch release, the addition may have been a mistake. Thus, we’re somewhat relieved. We can’t imagine what compromises were needed to run Red Dead Redemption 2 on Switch. Original Article: Brazil’s rating board has classified Red Dead Redemption for Switch ...

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Netflix Adds Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry, More Animation

With Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider getting their own animations as part of Netflix’s ‘Netflix Drop 01’, we’ll be eating well in the coming months. Although we’ll have to wait until 2024 to see either of these, Netflix has released short teaser trailers to indicate what to expect. We also got a new trailer for Captain Laserhawk and an ...

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Nintendo Expands Switch Online’s GBA Library Next Week

Nintendo will release Kirby & The Amazing Mirror next week to boost Switch Online + Expansion Pack. The title follows four SNES, NES, and Game Boy titles added to the service earlier this month. It will be released on September 29. Learn about HAL Labratory’s 2004 release, which supports local and online via Switch Online. “Kirby & The Amazing Mirror – ...

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Switch Gets Double Dragon Advance, Super, Collection

Update: Arc System Works released Super Double Dragon and Double Dragon Advance trailers. Both games will launch on November 9, 2023, for $6.99 USD or regionally. “After 30 long years, the retro powerhouse Super Double Dragon is now on modern platforms for the first time. New additions include five stylish wallpapers to spruce up the sides of your screen with martial ...

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Next week, Nintendo launches 2D Mario Switch online missions in Australia

Nintendo will offer exclusive missions to Switch Online members in Australia and New Zealand before Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases next month. As noted by Vooks.net, these missions focus on Mario’s classic 2D adventures and begin on September 25. A new mission will be released every week until October 22, and Nintendo will reveal more details. “The titles span across ...

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