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Free cloud services top 5 – safely store files


Cloud services are on the rise and many people are starting to gravitate towards cloud storage because it removes the limitations of device-based storage. With cloud storage, you can access your files from anywhere, as long as you remember your credentials and password. We also advise two-step authentication on cloud storage services, so that you don’t end up like Jennifer ...

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Microsoft Cloud centered event on October 20


Microsoft has recently introduced the Windows 10 technical preview to the public and people are already getting excited about the new OS that aims to blend Windows 7 with Windows 8 and focus on functionality and integration. While Microsoft also has a smartwatch planned and new Lumia phones in line, it seems CEO Satya Nadella wants to take Microsoft one ...

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Dead Island 2’s co-op number raised after Yager saw Xbox One’s Cloud

Dead Island 2

During a recent press event, Dead Island 2’s producer Michael Kempson has stated that after hearing about Xbox One’s Cloud-based servers, Yager Development had decided to raise the game’s co-op headcount from four players to eight. “Dead Island was four players,” says Kempson. “[…] and when we were looking at that online aspect of it for pre-production we thought ‘okay, ...

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Digify, the ultimate iOS and Android security app


Digify is a new application that has recently emerged on the market for Android and iOS and is offering something that most of us have been yearning for because of the current situation of internet privacy and security for the individual. Digify actually turns the files you wish to share with someone into content exclusive to you and it’s free ...

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Microsoft offers 15GB free and more with OneDrive overhaul


Microsoft announced today on its  OneDrive blog that it is completely revamping it’s OneDrive cloud storage options. In order to better compete with the likes of Google and Dropbox, Microsoft has changed up its entire OneDrive structure and pricing options, starting with a free 15GB just for signing up. That is more than double Microsoft’s previous offering of 7GB, and matches Google’s ...

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Amazon Fire Phone announced


After years of rumors, alleged leaks, and speculation, Amazon and Jeff Bezos have finally unveiled their “amazing new device”: the Fire Phone. With some heavy competition ahead of it, the Fire Phone seems built to go toe to toe with any iPhone or Android product already out there. It comes equipped a 4.7-inch HD display, a Qualcomm processor, 2 GB ...

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