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Microsoft Cloud centered event on October 20

Microsoft has recently introduced the Windows 10 technical preview to the public and people are already getting excited about the new OS that aims to blend Windows 7 with Windows 8 and focus on functionality and integration. While Microsoft also has a smartwatch planned and new Lumia phones in line, it seems CEO Satya Nadella wants to take Microsoft one step further. Microsoft sent out invitations for an October 20 event, saying: “Join us to hear what’s ahead for Microsoft’s Cloud”.

It seems that Microsoft will be focusing on cloud storage, mobility and the internet of things in the future. Not to say that endeavors like the Surface Pro Mini or Microsoft XIM don’t matter to the company. The invitation just confirms that Microsoft is aiming to expand its reach and become an even bigger competitor to Google and Apple, who are currently well-placed in the cloud business. At the event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Executive Vice President of Cloud & Enterprise Scott Guthrie will be the speakers and plan to hold our attention for just one hour.

The October 20 Microsoft event will be broadcast live to the public, indicating that the new cloud services and approaches Microsoft will be detailing should be consumer-oriented, not enterprise oriented like the Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview event was. Supposedly, Microsoft will recap its cloud investments and detail their benefits for consumers as well as investors and shareholders. Even though that sounds more like an advertising event, we’re sure the press conference will also bring some novelty to the market, although we can’t say for sure what that may be.

Azure. the Microsoft cloud computing service has experienced some trouble lately, with a downtime of five hours hitting various countries all around the world. The issue was resolved quickly and Microsoft said that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Azure is an attempt from Microsoft to lure customers in from cloud services like iCloud and Google Drive, as well as Dropbox. Satya Nadella now seems to be focused on cloud services because we have to admit that the world is gravitating towards software as a service ideals, which would mean intensive cloud storage and use.

We are curious to see what Microsoft has planned for the October 20 cloud-centered event and will surely tune in to the live streaming of the show. We’ll keep you updated on the venue and time slot for the Microsoft event, so mark your calendars.

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