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Halo 5: Guardians and MEGA Bloks at SDCC

One of the most memorable campaign levels in Halo: Combat Evolved is The Silent Cartographer. Taking place shortly after the raid on the Truth and Reconciliation, The Silent Cartographer puts you in the shoes of the Master Chief as he leads an assault on the Covenant held beach outside of the installation that holds the Cartographer. In Halo 5: Guardians, ...

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San Diego Comic-Con bans the use of Google Glasses during panels

We keep hearing from time to time that people with Google Glasses are being prohibited from entering certain places while wearing the device. The electronic glasses certainly offer new and interesting possibilities, but it looks like not everyone is all that excited about them. This time around the device was banned from being used during panels at the San Diego Comic-Con ...

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Bioware working on horror game, more details at Gamescom

Could my eyes be deceiving me? Is Bioware really developing a horror game? Well, it certainly seems like it from the “Nightmare” teaser they just posted on Youtube. The company apparently wants to keep it all under wraps for now and haven’t revealed any further details yet. The video does link to a teaser website but it appears to be offline at ...

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2K Games might be announcing a new Bioshock soon

It seems that 2K Games are up to some shenanigans on Twitter today. The company posted a couple of tweets earlier suggesting that some kind of announcement relating to Bioshock is on the way. Both posts feature the image of Eve’s Garden, an exotic dancing venue found in the original game. Unfortunately 2K didn’t share anything else, preferring to let ...

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