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Mozilla Takes New Direction With Firefox Mobile OS


Mozilla, the company who made the Firefox browser, has put out an email recently detailing their plans to expand their new mobile effort, nicknamed the Ignite Initiative. In it, they talked about what they’ve learned from their efforts to create a $25 smartphone with their new Firefox OS, and what they plan to do with it in the future. According ...

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Adblock Plus Coming to Android


A great many people have come to know the joy of browsing the internet on their computers completely free of advertisements through the browser ad-on Adblock Plus. The popular extension is “used by over 50 million people” according its Chrome Web Store page. Adblock now looks to expand into new territory by developing a browser for Android, bringing their program ...

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Ghostery Privacy Browser Coming to Android

Ghostery Privacy Browser coming to Android devices.

Ghostery Privacy Browser is the name of the newest browser that’s coming to Android. Ghostery is known for creating browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera that will subvert any attempts to track your web usage and provides users with a sense of privacy. Ghostery Privacy Browser will not be an extension but will be a full stand alone ...

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Mozilla Firefox is finally coming to the iOS


For the longest time Mozilla has stated that they would not bring Firefox to the iOS due to Apple’s refusal of allowing them to use their own web engine on the operating system. This has recently changed however, according to Vice President Jonathan Nightingale who made an interesting statement at an internal event. During the event Nightingale said that “we need ...

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India will introduce $25 Firefox OS smartphones


Two companies in India are planing to introduce unlocked smartphones as cheap as $25. These phones are going to run the Firefox OS. This is a browser-based operating system so it runs a version of Firefox that’s light enough to run on mobile phones hardware. It’s basically a stripped-down OS that doesn’t run native apps like the Android OS does, it ...

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