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Google Inbox now available on iPads from iTunes


Google Inbox is supposedly one of the best email aggregators out there, offered by Gmail. You still can’t get into Inbox without an invite at the moment, but it’s good to see that support has been expanded to Apple iPads, too. Google Inbox can now be downloaded from the iTunes store and if you can get your hands on an ...

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Say goodbye to Google Talk, hello to Hangouts


Indeed, Google Talk will be discontinued this week, only to be replaced by Hangouts as the official communications application from Google. The features found within Google Talk are now mostly found in Hangouts, so you’re not going to be left with an incomplete service, just a differently branded one. If you still are a Google Talk user, you have probably ...

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Google Inbox Invites For The Next Two Hours Only

Get your Google Inbox invitation today

A Google Inbox Invite could be yours, but only if you act fast. Google has decided to extend invites to its new Google Inbox service for the next two hours only. Since time is short, I will just get straight to the point. In order to get your invitation to be among the first to check out Google Inbox you ...

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Gmail 5.0 available in the Google Play Store

Gmail 5.0 available in the Google Play Store

Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail hosts on the planet, and updates to the service are always a welcome edition. With Google Inbox stealing all the spotlight, Gmail still manages to keep users interested in its services. Gmail 5.0 brings Material Design as one of the most noticeable features of the layout, which should be welcome by all ...

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5 million Gmail passwords were leaked, but Google is protecting the affected accounts


You’ve probably already heard about the iCloud security breach that resulted in a number of nude celebrity photos getting leaked online. Well, it seems that Apple wasn’t the only company to be targeted by hackers lately. Reports saying that many Gmail accounts have also been compromised went rampant these last couple of days. It turns out that about 5 million Gmail passwords ...

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Gmail scanned for child abuse evidence


Sounds invasive, doesn’t it? It actually is invasive, but Google says it’s restricted scanning, meaning that it uses a special algorithm to detect pictures containing child sex images in order to identify those that take and distribute them and those who are prone to pedophilia and child abuse. This information came to light after John Henry Skillern was arrested in Houston, ...

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Users still experiencing syncing issues with Gmail on Android


If you are using Gmail on Android then you might be familiar with the error that’s preventing syncing following the 4.8 update. If not, then you must be one of the lucky ones as reports regarding this issue are still pouring in at a constant rate. The issue arose some two weeks ago, but unfortunately Google still hasn’t managed to fix it. ...

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Google previews Android L and new Material interface


The first order of business today at Google’s I/O conference was to show what everyone came to see: A new version of Android. Google showed off a major redesign of the mobile OS with the Android L Developer Preview, the biggest change being purely an aesthetic one with the new Material Design. But don’t worry, the Google Now inspired interface ...

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Google Glass apps will be discussed in detail next week


It’s been almost two years now since the Google Glass prototype was first presented to the general public at the company’s I/O 2012 conference. The wearable computer officially became available for purchase last month for the price of $1.500 and has been received rather well, although there are still many people who don’t trust the device. A lot of concerns have been raised ...

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