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Get Google Inbox on the iPad, too

Google Inbox now available on iPads from iTunes

Google Inbox is supposedly one of the best email aggregators out there, offered by Gmail. You still can’t get into Inbox without an invite at the moment, but it’s good to see that support has been expanded to Apple iPads, too. Google Inbox can now be downloaded from the iTunes store and if you can get your hands on an invite, it might just be the best download of the year.

Google hasn’t officially announced the availability of Inbox in iTunes, but the application has already showed up in the store so it’s safe to say that we have confirmation on that. Google Inbox is shaping up to be the favorite email client of all Gmail and other email users, as it offers great integration with various accounts and brings all your important emails together for easy access and communication.


Since email is the current most popular tool for communication, Google Inbox aims to be the perfect client for all consumer and enterprise customers as well. Even though Gmail itself is a pretty comprehensive service, especially on mobile devices, Inbox feels like the lite of the industry. Invites can be obtained from the company, but you might have to wait a while in order to receive them. You can check out Google Inbox on iTunes so that you can get a preview of how the app will occupy the real estate of your iPad screen and how it will offer email and contact integration in one nifty app.

Google Inbox not only offers email integration, but an entire Google Now platform that you can use within the app, You can create reminders and events, and you can also get a clear view of your contacts, emails, appointments, travel options, reservations and events, all in one. We’re curious to see when the service will be available sans invite, because the great Material Design as well as the shortcuts and features integrated into the app make Google Inbox a rather desirable download for the modern man (or socialite, whichever).

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