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Download Google Play Music for your iPad, too

Listen to Google Play Music on an iPad

Google Play Music has been available for iPhones for quite some time now, but until now, we couldn’t get access to the service on Apple’s tablets. That’s about to change, as support for the iPad is now here. Google Play Music can be now installed on any iPad you own, alongside the All Access feature so that you can get a subscription if you’re an avid Google Play Music user.

With the expansion of Google Play Music to the iPad, Google as a company proves that their service is not something trivial and exclusive, rather a service that will be accessible across all platform, which offers up a serious alternative to music artists and record companies. Since the iPad is the most popular tablet in the world, it was only natural for the company to expand Google Play Music support to the slate. There are many iPad users out there who rely on Google services on their mobile phones and PCs, so support for tablets has been a requested feature for ages, and it’s finally here.

Google Play Music is a comprehensive music player, streamer and aggregator and even if you don’t want to pay for a subscription, you can still enjoy its features. You can upload 20 thousand songs of your own, which you can interact with using Google Play Music. The limit is pretty high so you can create a pretty large music library of your own on your iPad so that you can take your music with you anywhere. Phones are usually used to play music, but with iPad support, Google Play Music makes it easier for audiophiles to keep up to date with new albums and such.

If the 20k song limit on Google Play Music doesn’t sound appealing to you, which would be understandable as uploading so much music takes some time, you can always opt for the All Access subscription which will let you listen to anything you want to, all month. The service costs $9,99, which is is an acceptable price for an unlimited music subscription. Now that we have Google Play Music on the iPad, we can enjoy our music on mobile and tablet, regardless of platform. Yay.

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