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Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox: What is better?

Google Chrome vs Mozzila Firefox

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most popular browsers of our time, which are leaders in their segment. It is for this reason that the user often has a question in favor of which browser to prefer – this is a question we will try to solve. Chrome vs. Firefox – The Detailed Comparison Review Both browsers are considered ...

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Google Chrome will use less battery on Macs


Google Chrome is a very fast and stable web browser. In a recent statistic, it was even said that it takes up %51 of all web browser usage. Google Chrome is the most popular browser on all other internet devices except for the iPad, where Safari is preinstalled. Here is where an issue comes in. While Google Chrome has proven ...

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5 Great Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome

Many people use Google Chrome as their primary web-browser on their PCs, tablets and phones nowadays and not surprisingly so. It’s a great, fast and feature-packed cross-platform browser that’s accessible to everyone. Google Chrome also provides numerous apps and extensions to make your browning experience even more enjoyable, but choosing the ones you need might be difficult. Many people never ...

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Google Chrome to block extensions not found on its Web Store


Google Chrome will get more secure from malware starting with the next update. Google announced that it will wall off its users from sideloading extensions. These extensions are often accompanied by spyware or malware that can get installed on computers without the user noticing it. Google official statement about the new policy: “Malware can change how browsers work by silently installing extensions on ...

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