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5 Great Google Chrome Extensions

Many people use Google Chrome as their primary web-browser on their PCs, tablets and phones nowadays and not surprisingly so. It’s a great, fast and feature-packed cross-platform browser that’s accessible to everyone. Google Chrome also provides numerous apps and extensions to make your browning experience even more enjoyable, but choosing the ones you need might be difficult. Many people never even hear about the extensions that they could find useful. Because of this, we listed 5 really useful Google Chrome extensions for you to try. Maybe you will just find the one you really need and never knew existed.


Cleary from Evernote is a very useful extension, especially if you’re a student, writer or just someone who spends a lot of time making research on the internet. Cleary lets you focus only on the reading part of the article, blog or news blocking out everything unnecessary. You can even save the materials to Evernote for later study. Clearly also makes it possible to organize the saved articles by tags, annotate or even let the extension reed the material back to you digitally. You can even change the background or font size of the materials. Clearly is a very useful app but keep in mind that it won’t work on all websites.

Google Translate and Google Dictionary

If you know about Google Translate this app needs little explaining.  Unlike Google Translate, where you need to add the word or text you want translate, the Google Translate extension will translate the whole webpage. This is very useful for anyone who can only find useful information on web-pages written in foreign languages. The Google Dictionary app works in two ways: one way is to write the term that you want defined directly into the apps text field, the other is by highlighting the word in question on the website an clicking on the book icon of the extension.

EXIF Viewer

If you were ever wondering how exactly a great picture was taken, from exposure settings to the camera that was used to take it, EXIF Viewer will help you find out. It can analyze almost any picture you happen to come across on the internet and give you all the information available about all the used camera settings. It will even give you geological location if it’s available for the particular picture. This is a great extension especially for a beginner photographer.


You probably know by now that the best way to secure your private information is to use complex and unique passwords for all your accounts. Keeping all of them in mind however, can be difficult. We all have played the guessing game with our passwords when returning to a site we barely visit. LastPass allows you to have different passwords for all of your accounts and needs only one master password from you to memorize. This will provide you with extra security and an easy way to keep track of all your passwords.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

This is a very cool extension if you want to capture a part of a webpage, crop it and add comments to it in one go. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate lets you capture your browser and then annotate, crop or add any king of commentary to it, all with only one simple app. You can then save the image to your desktop, Google Drive account or on the extension’s website. If you want to quickly share information from a website with your friends, install Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate and have it ready for every eventuality.

We hope that our short list of Google Chrome extensions will prove useful to you. One of them might just make your job easier for you or provide a useful functionality you never knew existed. If you have other extension that you use daily, share it with us in the comment section.

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