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Apple launching new iPod Touch next month


The Apple iPod Touch is due for a refresh and even though many thought that Apple wouldn’t bother launching a new product after the massive success of the Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but a new report coming from Apple Insider prompted us to dig deeper. We’ve approached a few of our sources among the community members ...

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New Sony Walkman is seriously overpriced and a bit outdated


The Sony Walkman is a concept we’ve been harboring in our hearts ever since our childhoods, with good memories surrounding the simple cassette-tape players from the iconic company. Posters with a new, redesigned Sony Walkman showed up yesterday in the halls of the CES 2015 exhibition and we were very excited to see the new gadget in action at the ...

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Apple iPod touch gets new models and a price cut

Apple figured that it was high time they offered some more variety to the iPod touch line. Although not as popular anymore, iPods are still used by a lot of people around the world. Back in the day these devices brought Apple quite a lot of revenue so it’s good to see that they haven’t been forgotten. The company didn’t make ...

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