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PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony claims their console is “the best place to play this holiday”

Both Sony and Microsoft are gearing up for the holiday season with various marketing schemes and promotions aimed at swaying potential customers to their side. Just yesterday, Sony drew first blood by releasing a new commercial in which they claim that the PS4 is “the best place to play this holiday 2014.” One can’t expect anything less from a company trying ...

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Dota 2: Mineski is undergoing massive roster changes

Following the recent match fixing controversy that lead to several pro players getting banned, some Dota 2 teams decided that it was time to make a couple of changes here and there. These changes often involved replacing players in an attempt to stop matches from being fixed again in the future. The Filipino team Mineski took this issue very seriously and decided to ...

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Raiden might join the Mortal Kombat X roster at EVO 2014

Back at E3 2014 we had the opportunity of seeing Mortal Kombat X in all of its glory thanks to some action-packed gameplay footage. We also learned about some of the new features NetherRealm Studios are implementing. But more importantly, we got to see some of the game’s characters including the four brand new ones. Only six fighters have been showed until now and ...

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