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Misfit Flash wearable only $49

The wearable market is considered pretty saturated by many, but that doesn’t stop OEMs from developing newer wearable technology, from jewelry like the MICA smart bracelet to the MOTA smart ring, smartwacthes and Google Glass inspired Gear Blink smart glasses, FUNIKI ambient glasses and wearable virtual reality headsets like the Gear VR and Oculus Rift. The Misfit Flash is the ...

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The Sense: invisible high-tech sleep monitor

It’s not actually invisible, but you surely don’t notice the effort you have to put into monitoring your sleep via the usual wearable devices or smartphone apps. The Sense is a sleep monitoring device designed by James Proud’s Hello company. The device is a small sphere decorated with geometric patterns and intricate design hiding a device that is quite smart. The ...

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