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Nintendo announces additional DLC packs for Hyrule Warriors


The new hack and slash title from Team Ninja and Omega Studios, Hyrule Warriors is set to hit North-American shelves the following days. Game publisher, Nintendo confirmed that the game will be getting a series of DLCs which will feature new maps, characters, and a brand new arsenal of weapons. The players will be able to embrace the armors of ...

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Sega will release Sonic Boom on Wii U one week earlier in the US


Sega is preparing to release two new Sonic games this fall: Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric on Wii U and Sonic boom: Shattered Crystal on 3DS. The games are prequels to the upcoming “Sonic Boom” animated series. Who would have though back in the 90’s, when the console wars between Nintendo and Sega was at its peak that twenty-something years ...

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Super Smash Bros 3DS sold over 1 million copies in two days


According to Nintendo, their cross-franchise fighting game, Super Smash Bros 3DS, sold over 1 million copies in Japan over the last weekend. That’s two days from its release in Nintendo’s home country. The company states this number sums up both digital and retail sales. Super Smash Bros 3DS is the fourth 3DS game to reach this sales milestone after two ...

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Nintendo will release three special designs for 3DS XL


Nintendo and GameStop have teamed up to release three special editions of the 3DS XL in the United States. The Japanese company announced the new models at the GameStop Expo in California. One of these models is the red and blue Super Smash Bros edition, which is going to be released on September 19. Another edition is based on the ...

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The release date for Watch Dogs on Wii U is confirmed


Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs will be released on Wii U on November 18. The company promises that this version of the game will feature Off-TV Play, allowing users to play the game only on the GamePad. Also, the company states that its Bucharest studio, who worked on this Watch Dogs port, managed to implement an interactive map of Chicago ...

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Hyrule Warriors: Limited Edition bundle will be available in the US


Nintendo announced that they will release a Limited Edition version of Hyrule Warriors for the US market. The bundle will only be available at the Nintendo World store in Manhattan, New York, on September 26. It’s available in a very limited quantity and the company doesn’t accept pre-orders because the current demand is already too high. The Hyrule Warriors bundle ...

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Hyrule Warriors initial plans revealed


Hyrule Warriors was initially sketched as a Zelda game, rather than what eventually became of it. Eiji Aonuma stated in the Nintendo Life interview that the initial idea was to make a game closer to Zelda – limited boss battles taking place in dungeons and certain character appearances in the game. But then, Shigeru Miyamoto intervened and said that the ...

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