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Nintendo will offer more low-cost products


Japanese news website The Nikkei has announced, following an interview with the President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata, that the company’s comeback plans include the project to distribute more affordable software titles. Iwata said that Nintendo will recreate games for their console, the Nintendo 3DS, based on remastered classics titles and mobile software.  By doing so they aim at keeping production ...

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More Details for Xenoblade Chronicles X appear


Monolith Soft has been trickling out information about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X through their official website. The latest update gives a look at another character and some new concept art for the game. Reported by Siliconera, the character and art give some more insight into the story and world of Xenoblade Chronicles X. The character is Maurice, a former bureaucrat ...

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Final Line-Up of Club Nintendo Rewards are Incredible


Nintendo recently announced that they would be phasing out their Club Nintendo program through the coming year with the final shut-down happening on June 30. A new loyalty program is apparently in the works to compete with the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, but details haven’t been released as of yet. However, Nintendo did promise one last batch of rewards ...

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Hyrule Warriors Ships 1 Million Copies Worldwide


Koei Tecmo announced that their The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors mash-up game Hyrule Warriors has officially shipped 1 million copies worldwide. Its presumed that a vast majority of the game was sold in North America as the game saw a very warm welcoming selling nearly 200,000 units in its opening week. The Japanese market was lukewarm to the ...

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Codename S.T.E.A.M.: 15 Minutes of Gameplay


Codename S.T.E.A.M is a new IP launching for the Nintendo 3DS on March 13th that was announced back at the developers round table at e3 2014. The game is a turn based strategy RPG that has third person shooter elements a la Valkyria Chronicles and is set in a steampunk inspired London. Developed by Intelligent Designs (Fire Emblem Awakening) the ...

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The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask – Graphical Comparison Video


Youtuber MasterofHyrule has uploaded a side-by-side graphical comparison video of The upcoming 3DS remake Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D alongside the original Nintendo 64 version. The comparison video shows the game’s opening as well as a good bit of the intro, which follows Link through the loss of his horse Epona and down the rabbit hole after Skull Kid. ...

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Nintendo kills off its Club Nintendo loyalty program


Club Nintendo, Nintendo’s customer loyalty program, launched in Europe and Japan in the early Aughts, with the program finally hitting North American shores back in 2008. By buying Nintendo consoles and games, customers earn Coins, which can be deposited into their Club Nintendo accounts and used to get Nintendo products, such as game cases and game downloads, essentially for free. After ...

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Amiibo vs Skylanders vs Infinity: A Comparison

How amiibo, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity figures stack up against each other

Recently we saw the release of Nintendo’s line of interactive toys, the Amiibo. These are not the first “Toys to Life” figures to see release. For a few years now, we have had the Skylanders series, which introduced the concept with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures. There is also the Disney Infinity series, which entered the genre in 2013. Since, then, the toys ...

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Wii U GameCube Adapter Bundle Back in Stock

Wii U GameCube adapter is back

Wii U GameCube adapters released with the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. They were incredibly popular and sold out quickly. Now, gamers will have another chance at picking up the adapter at Amazon. The GameCube adapter for the Wii U will once again be packaged with Super Smash Bros. at Amazom. The bundle will sell for $109.97. The ...

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