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According To Google, Your Secret Questions Aren’t Secure


For years, one of the barriers that we’ve set up against hackers took the form of secret questions. “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” or “Who was your best friend in high school?” are questions that we often put answers to in order to lock down access to our accounts, but according to Google’s study, they aren’t doing very much to ...

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Best privacy apps for Android: end to end encryption for free


Secure communication has become a bit of a tabu now, seeing as the NSA, FBI and other government agencies frown upon end to end encryption provided by certain software. Those concerned with their privacy and want to have a secure communications experience when using their smartphones don’t have a lot of options out there, but thankfully, there are enough free ...

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Samaritans Radar Twitter app suspended indefinitely

Samaritans Radar Twitter app suspended indefinitely

Samaratians Radar is – or used to be – an app within Twitter that could sweep through tweets and filter for content that would suggest a depressive or otherwise dangerous mental state. The purpose of Radar is to try and raise awareness, as well as prevent tragedies from happening, screening tweets for suicidal thoughts or hints. Even though Radar hasn’t ...

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BlackBerry Classic specs surface

Blackberry Q10 Tastatur

BlackBerry is planning an international event for September 24, where supposedly the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport will be launched and the company might unveil some news about their plans of getting into the wearable device market. BlackBerry’s John Sims has revealed that the company is considering the launch of a smartwatch and/or smart glasses as a future endeavor.  The ...

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5 million Gmail passwords were leaked, but Google is protecting the affected accounts


You’ve probably already heard about the iCloud security breach that resulted in a number of nude celebrity photos getting leaked online. Well, it seems that Apple wasn’t the only company to be targeted by hackers lately. Reports saying that many Gmail accounts have also been compromised went rampant these last couple of days. It turns out that about 5 million Gmail passwords ...

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Future LG smartphones to have bootloader unlocking


According to a report, LG is planning to offer a safer bootloader unlocking feature to developers, along with a specific server. The company is thinking about bringing bootloader unlocking support to all its future devices, but before doing so, it must terminate working on some fine details. The company is now thinking about what models will indeed come with a ...

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Apple and Microsoft to be banned by the Chinese government


Apple received a hard blow from China yesterday, as the government decided to exclude iPads and MacBooks from a list of products that can be bought with public money. This decision was encouraged by the security issues China had to deal with lately, and led to the banning of ten Apple products. Apple isn’t the only company whose devices were ...

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Transformed BlackBerry is now planning to grow


BlackBerry has been changing for a while now, as the company was attempting to regain its place as world leader on the mobile market. As many other companies struggled to reach the top spot, BB met decline, which led to thousands of layoffs and the loss of reliability. Recently, the company managed to get a hold of itself and started ...

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Billions of credentials stolen by Russian hacking ring


The inevitable always happens when it comes to the internet, a place where your data is never actually safe, no matter how many precautions you take. Privacy is the main concern of many, that’s why we employ the safest mail clients we can find, apps that make our data self-destruct, the safest browsers such as Tor or phone cases that ...

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