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The Last Guardian Finally Goes Gold

According to a tweet from Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuehei Yoshida, the long-awaited PlayStation exclusive The Last Guardian has finished development and gone gold. Yoshida’s tweet comes in the wake of Sony Entertainment producer Jun Yoshino tweeting the news earlier but deleting the tweet soon after. Exactly why Yoshino redacted his announcement is unclear; perhaps he hadn’t been the ...

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Sony Lets The Last Guardian Trademark Expire

The Last Guardian Game

According to the listing on the office of patent and trademark in the US, Sony has not renewed its trademark for The Last Guardian. Rumors about the game have been purely conjecture and speculation for the last few years. Not much new information has surfaced since it was first announced at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo. At the time, it was ...

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Acid Nerve talks about the origins of Titan Souls

Many people (including its devs) would tell you that Titan Souls is what you get when you combine Shadow of the Colossus with Dark Souls. While it is indeed similar is many aspects, this retro indie game also adds a few interesting twists of its own to the formula. Developed by UK-based studio Acid Nerve and published by Devolver Digital, Titan Souls ...

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Only on PlayStation sale will begin tomorrow, new releases

Sony Entertainment announced today that the Only on PlayStation sale starts tomorrow and will last until June 23rd. The company is aware that this week can’t possibly be more exciting than the last one when E3 took place, but they are going to try and make it anyway. The way Sony plans on doing this is by offering substantial discounts for ...

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Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 exclusive content revealed

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the content that only PS3 and PS4 owners will be able to enjoy once Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition comes out. The company announced that they have teamed up with Naughty Dog in order to bring the PS3 hit title The Last of Us to Sanctuary. No, this isn’t some sort of port but rather a unique ...

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Was The Last Guardian cancelled or not?

The Last Guardian has been in development for a long, long time. So much in fact that many people began wondering if it will ever be released. Recently IGN came out and stated that according to their sources, the game has been indeed cancelled. Needles to say, this news managed to disappoint the masses of people who were hoping to ...

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