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Alessandro Cossidente

Alessandro is a languages and literature student and gaming enthusiast. Long hair and a bushy beard, he spends most of his time on romantic dates with fascinating old tomes. In his free time, he follows and comments the gaming community while playing games. You can follow him on twitter to see what he's up to.

Chivalry Medieval Warfare arrives on PlayStation 3

Medieval Warfare PS3

It’s been a bloody siege for the guys at Torn Banner who took almost three years from their original release date to finally conquer PlayStation 3 and release their game on the console. The studio has announced, through twitter, that Chivalry Medieval Warfare will be available on PlayStation 3 from February 10th 2015. The game landed on PC on the ...

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Darkest Dungeon is Steam’s top-selling game


It doesn’t happen that often that an indie game from a small developer manages to beats the giants and climb the ladder to become Steam top-selling title but this is what Darkest Dungeon has accomplished, according to Valve itself. Browsing the Steam Store and sorting titles by top-selling, Darkest Dungeon appears on top of the list, followed by games such ...

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Here is a first look at ESO’s new Mastery System

Elder Scrolls Online New Mastery

We already talked about Elder Scrolls Online Heart of Thorns when, during PAX South, arena.net decided to announce it and unveil some of its details. The folks responsible for Elder Scrolls Online kept fans hungry for more info, though, when they listed the features the expansion would introduce, including new classes, new zones and the Mastery System but shared little ...

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Ubisoft’s battle against illegal keys continues


In an unexpected turn of events regarding Ubisoft’s fraudulent keys issues, the company has decided to reinstate some of the revoked copies of those games which were obtained through illegal means. In an interview with Eurogamer, Ubisoft said that after working with EA and conducting further investigations, they decided to reinstate all game copies whose owners had already activated and ...

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Borderlands multiplayer is back online for the PS3


The original Borderlands game can now be played again on the Playstation 3, the last console lacking multiplayer support for the title. The game, which relied on GameSpy service for its multiplayer component, became unplayable after the service was shut down in May 2014. Gearbox said they have been working on a way to restore multiplayer for PS3 users ever ...

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Shinra Technologies proposes cloud-based development solutions


Shinra Technologies, subsidiary of Square Enix, has announced today through their website the launch of the Prototype Accelerator program. The program is aimed at providing experienced developers with the means to easily go through the time consuming and complex task of creating a game prototype. Shinra’s vice-president Jacob Navok says the project has been created for developers who have a track record ...

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Bandai Namco teams up with UIG Entertainment


Bandai Namco has announced today through twitter that they will be publishing UIG Entertainment’s 2015 upcoming titles following a newly signed distribution agreement. Sources close to Gamasutra have published a press release in which the two companies said their agreement will cover UIG’s Professional Farmer 2016 as well as Professional Lumberjack 2016 and the already published Professional Lumberjack 2015. UIG Managing Director Christoph Bayer said ...

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Heart of Thorns, the first expansion for Guild Wars 2 has been confirmed and revealed


Mike O’Brien, president of Arena.net, has confirmed that Heart of Thorns will be the first expansion for Guild Wars 2 while at PAX South. The expansion will focus on the Maguuma Jungle and although it will bring no modification to max level or armor tier it will add a more complex endgame character progression system, O’Brien explained to a cheering ...

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Grow Home is Ubisoft’s latest work


In an announcement that came as a surprise to many, Ubisoft unveiled their latest game produced by a small team of 8 at Reflections, one of the company’s studios, and coming to PC during next month. Described as a “Journey to the Stars”, Grow Home will put the player into BUD’s shoes. BUD is a robot, a Botanical Utility Droid ...

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Game of Thrones: – Ep 2: ‘The Lost Lords’ first look trailer.


Telltale Games has released, earlier today, a first look trailer for their upcoming title: Game of Thrones Episode 2 The Lost Lords. The trailer had been announced yesterday, the 21st of January, via twitter and comes as part of a pre-launch promotional campaign.The company, which specializes in making graphical adventure and spin-off versions of popular franchises such as Borderlands, Minecraft ...

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