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Alessandro Cossidente

Alessandro is a languages and literature student and gaming enthusiast. Long hair and a bushy beard, he spends most of his time on romantic dates with fascinating old tomes. In his free time, he follows and comments the gaming community while playing games. You can follow him on twitter to see what he's up to.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Devs to hold College Lectures

FF Type-0HD Logo

As a result of a partnership with Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Plano, Texas and University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles Square Enix has announced today that developers Yusuke Naora and Kazuyuki Ikumori will hold a series of university lectures. Naora and Ikumori are members of Square Enix’s Tokyo development team and are currently working on Final Fantasy Type-0 ...

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Steam Client Beta brings an improved content UI


Updating to the Beta version of Valve’s client is always a Russian roulette, as things can get broken or radically changed resulting in the way too familiar feeling of frustration and confusion that switching to unfamiliar software always brings. The latest beta version has, though, a pleasant surprise in store for all testers. Valve has been working on a new ...

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Tropico 5 will be released on PlayStation 4


“Presidente, your people need you!” . Tropico 5 brought us back into the shoes of El Presidente back in may 2014, when it was originally published on Xbox 360 and PC/Mac but left PlayStation users out of the fun, as the game was never released on any of Sony’s consoles. PlayStation blog announced, with a trailer, that the game has ...

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Halo 5 multiplayer will be different after beta

Halo 5: Guardians

When it comes to multiplayer games, beta periods are normally used to make sure the whole system will hold water on a larger scale when flooded by hundreds and hundreds of players. Once that is done, if there is still time, teams will try to patch up smaller bugs and balance stats in order to provide the smoothest launch possible. ...

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Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide announced


When it comes to Warhammer games, I have simply lost all of my hopes to see a good title coming out after Warhammer 40000: Storm of Vengeance was brought to this world in 2014. Out of the frozen landscapes of Sweden, though, an independent developer known as Fatshark has announced their intention to release Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide. Fatshark ...

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DICE Awards 2015: GotY goes to DA: Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition GotY

Congrats to @DragonAge #Inquisition for winning #GameOfTheYear! http://t.co/njiHMw3sbV #DICEAwards — Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (@Official_AIAS) February 6, 2015 The DICE Awards 2015 convention and summit has taken place in Las Vegas from the 2nd to the 5th of February. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Science, host of the event, announced through twitter that Dragon Age: Inquisition was named Game ...

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Nintendo will offer more low-cost products


Japanese news website The Nikkei has announced, following an interview with the President of Nintendo Satoru Iwata, that the company’s comeback plans include the project to distribute more affordable software titles. Iwata said that Nintendo will recreate games for their console, the Nintendo 3DS, based on remastered classics titles and mobile software.  By doing so they aim at keeping production ...

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Minecraft is under investigation in Turkey


The Turkish Ministry for Family and Social Policies has decided to open an investigation into famous videogame Minecraft following concerns from the population that the game could trigger violence in its players, especially against women. Turkish news site Hurriett Daily News reported today that the ministry has received multiple complaints regarding the violence required to progress and survive in Minecraft. As the ...

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Dying Light Mods: a set of tools will be released

Dying Light Mods

After the latest patch, it seemed that Dying Lights mods were being restricted on purpose by Techland. Patch 1.2.1 was designed to decrease the chances for cheaters to remain undetected but seemed to reduce the ability to create custom content for the game. As an open-world title, the community and fans of Dying Light clearly didn’t take the news well. ...

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