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Rallying into reality – WRC 6

wrc 6 october 17

WRC 6 will be available for Xbox One on October 7th. Bigben and Kylotonn Racing Games have come up with a new trailer that shows off the extent of the game’s reality. It comprises of the images from the game and also pictures taken from the 2016 FIA world rally championships. To make sure the thrill and excitement for the ...

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Review:Fighting for honor – Ubisoft new monster

Developed by Ubisoft, For Honor is due to release by February of next year. The game captures what no other video game melee combat can; the detailing of the weapons, the type of attacks and the sound effects. The effects are crystal clear, the “clang” sound when two metals clash, the dodge when you move away from the attack, and ...

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Gearing up “The division” [Scenario 2]

My previous post showed the issues Tom Clancy’s The division is facing when it comes to balancing the power differences between characters on various levels. Ubisoft then came up with a plan to counter all these issues and make the game more realistic with their 1.4 update. So here are the list of changes under development with respect to the ...

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Gearing up “The Division” [Scenario 1]

  Ubisoft recently revealed an ongoing update to its latest installment of Tom Clancy: The Division. The version 1.4 of the update is now under development, as they look to give a better user-gameplay experience. The current problems present in the game are: 1. Time to kill – The damage level is based on a character’s build, which includes skillset ...

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