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The Future of Online Gaming

Samsung Gear VR

In a very short span of time, the internet has vastly changed how we live our lives. It’s changed how we communicate, how we work, shop and spend our leisure time. Whether someone plays adventure games interactively on their console or enjoys playing bingo or other online casino games on their smartphone or are trying the latest virtual reality game, ...

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Why Augmented Reality is Superior to Virtual Reality


Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality. Both terms are very popular as of late and both contain the same word, even though they are very different when it comes to achieving “reality”. With the introduction of the Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE, not to mention PlaystationVR entering the ring soon, Virtual Reality has been a buzzword in the industry for the ...

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Pokémon GO Review – The Dream of the 90s


Pokémon GO was announced last year, and people have been freaking out about it ever since. The original trailer (included below) blew everyone’s minds, and it was a tough wait. I mean, it’s a big deal – this is something we’ve all been dreaming of since the original Pokémon games came out! We’ve all wanted to set out on a Pokémon ...

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New Google Glass coming this year, confirmed by exec


It should come to nobody’s actual surprise that Google Glass is not in fact, dead. It has never been dead and ever since it was first unveiled in 2012, Google as a company and its Google X Labs were confident that the wearable device would eventually end up on retail shelves. After pulling the Google Glass Explorer edition in January, ...

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Sony’s SmartEyeglass is not meant for entertainment, or consumers


Sony’s new wearable, the Smarteyeglass, is one of the best augmented reality-oriented devices that we’ve seen on the market in the past few years. Google Glass Explorer has had a big impact on how we perceive smart glasses, but Sony’s Smarteyeglass take AR to the next level. The augmented reality glasses are even less stylish than Google’s own offering, but ...

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Google Glass is alive and well, being sent out to testers


Google Glass is not dead, as many media outlets say in headlines, but the Explorer program is, which is totally different. Google Glass, the wearable that aimed to revolutionize technology but didn’t manage to do it right, in a niche sector of the industry. According to 9to5Google, Google Glass is still in the works under the protective oversight of Tony ...

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Tim Cook told you so: Google Glass would flop


Tim Cook, Apple CEO, seems to have known about Google Glass Explorer becoming somewhat of a flopped wearable device, which sounds a bit odd. Google Glass didn’t exactly flop, because the Explorer project was advertised as a feedback program that would gather users’ impressions and suggestions about the wearable device and use those to perfect Google Glass. The project was ...

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Sony smart glasses developer edition is rather expensive


The Sony smart glasses are now up for pre-order and will be officially launched and demoed in March, most likely at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015. What’s surprising about the Sony smart glasses is their price, which is rather high for the developer edition. They are still cheaper than Google Glass Explorer, which cost $1500, but they are still ...

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Google Glass losing support, fading into oblivion

Google Glass losing support, fading into oblivion

With the rise of augmented reality and various virtual reality headsets and goggles, Google Glass seems to have vanished from the spotlight. It’s not because people don’t like Google Glass – well, maybe a little but – but because support for the virtual reality device is declining. Many developers who had previously announced that they would be making apps specifically ...

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Google Glass update brings notifications to your wearable

Google Glass

A new update for Google Glass, dubbed Google Glass XE 22 update, began rolling out yesterday, bringing a few new features to Google’s most popular wearable devices. While Google Glass brought split opinions about its appearance and usefulness, the overall opinion about the wearable is that it needs improvement. The Explorer edition of Google Glass aims to collect data and ...

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