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Google Glass

Google Glass update brings notifications to your wearable

A new update for Google Glass, dubbed Google Glass XE 22 update, began rolling out yesterday, bringing a few new features to Google’s most popular wearable devices. While Google Glass brought split opinions about its appearance and usefulness, the overall opinion about the wearable is that it needs improvement. The Explorer edition of Google Glass aims to collect data and opinions from users and Google intends to use that info to further improve the wearable.

While Google Glass has been called much too conspicuous and many are scrutinizing the device because it allows for undetected recording and thus threatening peoples’ privacy, the wearable is still a piece of advanced technology which will surely be upgraded in the future to better cater to the users’ average needs.  Glass is intended to be used on an all-day basis, meaning that ultimately Google aims to give users an alternative to hand-held or wrist-worn communication devices.

Google Glass
Google Glass won’t go unnoticed

The new Google Glass XE 22 update brings the wearable one step closer to encompassing all the features of a smartphone, because it introduces notifications. The MyGlass app has also been updated to version 3.3 and can now bring all the notifications from your Android phone directly to Glass. The new notification sync still requires a smartphone to be tethered to Google Glass, but it allows you to view notifications from apps that don’t yet work with Google Glass, too.

Besides bringing notifications to the wearable, Google Glass update XE 22 brings improvements to the augmented maps available on the device, as well. The Google Glass maps app can now include route choices, as well as take into account traffic or incident markers. With the continuous development of Google Glass and a new patent that has emerged a few months back, we are expecting to see a re-designed Google Glass unit next year that would by-pass all the appearance issues the device has been having with users and bystanders alike.

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