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Google Street View to have underwater ocean views


Google Street View uses panoramic views to open the world to everyone with Internet access. For some it’s as simple as wanting to see a landmark at the turn they have to make when on Google Maps. For others, it is getting a glimpse of the town they are thinking of moving into on Google Earth. Possibilities have opened up ...

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Is Apple gearing up for its own take on Google Street-View


Residents of American cities may have noticed Apple’s camera-toting cars roaming around a few months ago, at the time it was unclear what their purpose was. However, new information has hinted at the company’s attempt at creating a new rival to Google Street-view. Google’s map-defining feature has been available since 2007, and has set it apart from its rivals; but now, ...

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Google Maps update with Material Design rolling out

Google Maps update with Material Design rolling out

Ever since Google released the very first developer previews of Android 5.0 Lollipop a few months ago, many have been impressed by the Material Design of the new user interface. Even before Android 5.0 Lollipop was launched, Google was already redesigning and rolling out updated versions of its apps, including Gmail, Calendar and Google+. Google Maps has also received some ...

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Google Glass update brings notifications to your wearable

Google Glass

A new update for Google Glass, dubbed Google Glass XE 22 update, began rolling out yesterday, bringing a few new features to Google’s most popular wearable devices. While Google Glass brought split opinions about its appearance and usefulness, the overall opinion about the wearable is that it needs improvement. The Explorer edition of Google Glass aims to collect data and ...

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Google+ was updated to help you locate your friends


Google+ has been updated with a new “friend-tracking” app that gives you the possibility to navigate to the exact location of a friend. Google Maps has always been useful when, for instance, you had to find a certain place in a crowded city, allowing you to get from point A to point B without any problem. With this new update ...

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Microsoft is working on adding up features to the Nokia X2


After the great partnerships between Nokia and Microsoft began, we heard that Microsoft will be adding a home button to the new line of smartphones, called X-smartphones series. Now, a new Android-based Nokia device will be released soon by Microsoft and a few rumors have been heard about it, based on a recent leak. The Android smartphone will be called ...

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Google could not resist Instagram’s popularity and joined it!


Google+ (plus) has been categorized as a social networking service, that allows users to share photos, news, various types of content and to make friends online.  After Facebook, results show, it is the largest online community in the world with 540 million monthly active users. Even though Google Plus has become quite popular among social media fans and businesses, Google ...

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