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Samsung Gear Circle coming this Spring


It’s official folks, Samsung is jumping on the round band wagon this year with a new Gear smart watch. The new Samsung Gear smart watch will be a circle and it will be either called the Orbis (which is really catchy, although there might be some copyright issues there) which is its current codename or the Samsung Gear A, after ...

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Google Keep for Android Wear gets a whole lot better


Google Keep is one of the most popular note-taking apps on Android, and its popularity has migrated over to the company’s Android Wear platform for wearable devices as well. Google Keep for Android Wear has been around for quite some time, but today Google released an update for the app that makes note-taking, list-making and organizing much easier and more ...

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Asus VivoWatch: Apple Watch beware, this might be better!


Aren’t you sick of hearing so much about the Apple Watch and the fact that it already has about a million pre-orders? Aren’t you tired of hearing about the Apple Watch Edition, a $17.000 accessory which can’t even do the things your phone can, lasts just a day and doesn’t even work properly? If you are, you should know that ...

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New Google Glass coming this year, confirmed by exec


It should come to nobody’s actual surprise that Google Glass is not in fact, dead. It has never been dead and ever since it was first unveiled in 2012, Google as a company and its Google X Labs were confident that the wearable device would eventually end up on retail shelves. After pulling the Google Glass Explorer edition in January, ...

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Will.i.Am and Gucci partner for luxury smart watch


The Apple Watch as a concept should be worried by now, seeing as various luxury watch makers, including Swatch, have announced their foray into the smart watch business. Recent studies about the Apple Watch reveal that there aren’t that many people interested in buying the watch right now, most of them motivating their choice with the lack of “need” for ...

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Sony’s SmartEyeglass is not meant for entertainment, or consumers


Sony’s new wearable, the Smarteyeglass, is one of the best augmented reality-oriented devices that we’ve seen on the market in the past few years. Google Glass Explorer has had a big impact on how we perceive smart glasses, but Sony’s Smarteyeglass take AR to the next level. The augmented reality glasses are even less stylish than Google’s own offering, but ...

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Apple Watch will be water-resistant, after all


The Apple Watch release date is set for April 2015, just after the hype around the MWC 2015 trade show dies down. One of the big concerns of Apple fans about the upcoming wearable is whether or not it will be a waterproof device. Some fans actually commented that if the Apple Watch wouldn’t be waterproof, they would not be ...

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New Pebble smartwatch coming soon, still no third-party apps

Pebble has teased a new smart watch on their webpage last week and today we’re seeing anew image of the alleged watch surfacing online. It’s not actually anything interesting to look at to be fair, as it actually looks rather odd with the yellow e-ink display. Pebble has teased the smart watch having a new color display and a few ...

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How to: LG G Watch R into a Watch Urbane DIY


We’ve recently reported that LG just announced the new Watch Urbane, which aims to directly compete with the Apple Watch, as it is actually a re-vamped, redesigned, beautified LG G Watch R. Now those of you who already have an LG G Watch R might be thinking about buying the Watch Urbane because it truly looks amazing and comes with ...

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Tim Cook told you so: Google Glass would flop


Tim Cook, Apple CEO, seems to have known about Google Glass Explorer becoming somewhat of a flopped wearable device, which sounds a bit odd. Google Glass didn’t exactly flop, because the Explorer project was advertised as a feedback program that would gather users’ impressions and suggestions about the wearable device and use those to perfect Google Glass. The project was ...

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