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Samsung Gear Orbis? Samsung Gear A?

Samsung Gear Circle coming this Spring

It’s official folks, Samsung is jumping on the round band wagon this year with a new Gear smart watch. The new Samsung Gear smart watch will be a circle and it will be either called the Orbis (which is really catchy, although there might be some copyright issues there) which is its current codename or the Samsung Gear A, after the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy A smartphone line-up. The ¬†company has released a teaser image confirming the round, circle design of the new Gear Orbis, Samsung Gear A or whatever it will end up being called.

The teaser for the new Samsung Gear smart watch only shows the top of the display with a blue watchface reminiscent of TouchWiz, while the bottom is all blurred out. That leads us to believe that there will be some black bar action going on with Sammy’s new wearable contraption. Although the company did not reveal much about the Samsung Gear smart watch with a round display, they did disclose in a press release that the SDK would be made available soon enough for developers, who should focus on completely round apps. So maybe there won’t be a black bar on the bottom of the smart watch.

We’re curious to see what Samsung thinks up this time, as we were very pleased, along with millions of others, with what the South Korean company did with the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. Judging by those smartphones, and the recent trend in metal, the new Samsung Gear smart watch will definitely come with a stainless steel finish, a classy look and an expensive price tag to compete against the Apple Watch.

Rumors about the Samsung Gear A aren’t that many, but most people seem to think that there will be no Android Wear, there will be a 3G antennae, and there will be Wi-Fi, too on board. Some people seem to think that Samsung would use the Exynos 7420 CPU in the smart watch, which would make the gadget hella powerful. What’s most interesting is that sources tell us battery life will be amazing with the new Samsung Gear A wearable, which we’re not so sure about just yet. Since we’re talking a colored display, Samsung will have to think up something nifty in order to compete in the round smart watch market. Supposedly, the Samsung Gear A release date is set for this Spring, but take that with a grain of salt.

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