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OPINION: Should Destiny Characters Transfer to Sequel?

Destiny player move over to Destiny Sequel?

It’s common knowledge at this point that Bungie is hard at work on a proper sequel to Destiny, and recent rumors suggest that any characters players have created in Destiny will not carry over to the follow-up game. But would that be the best approach for the developer to take? Probably not. The initial concept that Bungie presented for Destiny ...

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Is Destiny’s newest update worth getting into?

Obligatory microtransaction option that contains "cosmetic" items

If you’ve been paying any attention to Destiny lately, you may have noticed a certain air of discontent among some of the more avid members of its audience. Among other things, there were complaints about how you essentially have to deal with three layers of RNG when getting loot (and bad loot in general), a lack of endgame content, and ...

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Destiny going green for April update: Bungie recycles old content, plus pay to win!


As part of Bungie’s commitment to updating Destiny periodically (i.e. whenever they feel like it), the upcoming April update promises to bring a large amount of old content forward to Year Two standards (i.e. bigger numbers). Plus it’s free stuff, since it’s technically just an update. However, it should be kept in mind that as with all of Destiny’s updates, there ...

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Can Bungie sustain Destiny’s (alleged) 10 year plan?


Many years and one generation of consoles ago, a developer called Bungie set out on one of the most ambitious projects of all time. Though people were anxious, they had faith that Bungie would bring about a new franchise that would last for years, the same way that Halo has become one of the biggest gaming franchises ever. And at ...

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Changes coming to Destiny in December: Can Bungie properly balance Destiny?


Ever since Destiny entered it’s second year of existence, Bungie has continually stated their desire to release more consistent weapon updates to prevent another scenario where only a couple of guns would dominate the Crucible. Just recently, they revealed their plans for the upcoming December update, detailing all of nerfs and buffs that they intend to implement. Auto Rifles Auto rifles ...

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Destiny composer Marty O’Donnell wins court case against Bungie

smug marty

Marty O’Donnell, the former composer for Bungie that was perhaps best known for his work on the soundtracks of the pre-343 Industries Halo series, has won his lawsuit against Bungie. The lawsuit was brought about when Marty was fired sometime in April 2014, 5 months before Destiny came out, and had his stock in Bungie taken away. As it was stated in the court papers ...

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Destiny Gets A New Community Manager


If any of you Destiny players have had any sort of interaction with the greater Destiny community, I would bet any thing that you – directly or otherwise – had come across Deej in some way. Deej, up until now, was the sole community manager in charge of all things Destiny. It’s pretty fair to say that without the countless ...

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