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Some of the Bloodthirstiest Vampire Games of All Time

Vampire games

Just like the creatures themselves, the vampire genre refuses to die. From blockbuster books and movies to TV shows and video games, the shadows of the undead are never too far away. Video game makers have attempted to capture the vampire’s essence of evil with varying degrees of success over the years. Here we look at some of the best ...

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Castlevania: A 30 year game that surprisingly holds up


Games released before 1987 don’t seem to stand up very well to the test of time: the original The Legend of Zelda is an archaic experience that is unplayable without a guide; the original Super Mario Bros now doesn’t control as well as it did decades before; and the original Metroid is a chore to play through thanks to many ...

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Apotheon – Metroidvania Pottery

Apotheon - Metroidvania Pottery

Apotheon attempts to bring forward an art style never used before in gaming, that of ancient greek pottery. And what better genre to utilize than the sidescrolling adventure style of Metroid and Castlevania. Apotheon cannot be mistaken for anything more than a love of the art style used in Greek pottery making. Decorations on their containers of black silhouettes would depict ...

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