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Bohemia Interactive introduces new features with MINIDAYZ 1.2.0 Update

MiniDayZ Screenshot

Take DayZ, the critically acclaimed survival-horror title born as a mod for Arma II. Add pixel art, a top-down camera view, singleplayer support, mix all the ingredients well, pour into a browser and serve well chilled. If you followed the recipe, the result will be MINIDAYZ, a multi-platform browser game developed by Bohemia Interactive and largely based on the famous ...

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DayZ 2015 Roadmap and Price Increase

DayZ 2015 Roadmap , huge price increase

Fans looking to jump from the mod to the standalone of DayZ may want to get in while they can enter Chenarus at a cheaper price, as the game’s price will be raised from $29.99 to $34.99. Luckily for those DayZ fans, the game is currently 15% off on Steam, which is still cheaper than it was. The DayZ standalone ...

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DayZ coming to the PS4, this will help the game’s PC version says Dean Hall

Gamescon has been the scene of some interesting reveals and announcements. Surprisingly (and disappointingly, I might add), the sequel to the brilliant Tomb Raid, Rise of the Tomb Raider has been revealed to be an Xbox One exclusive. Not all announcements had a negative connotation though. Fans of survival games were pleasantly surprised to hear something many of us have ...

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DayZ might run on new engine with DirecX 11 support soon

DayZ has been in the early Alpha testing phase since December 2013 so it’s safe to say that development for the game is progressing rather slowly. Sure, Bohemia Interactive has released plenty of updates since launch and a bunch of interesting features have been already added, with more promised to arrive soon. So what’s taking so long? Gamespot recently caught up with ...

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New H1Z1 details revealed at E3 2014

The highly anticipated survival MMO H1Z1 developed by Sony has received a huge amount of hype ever since it was first announced back in April. The game was featured at E3 2014 where we had the opportunity to hear more about it from the game’s senior designer Jimmy Whisenhunt. Given its similarities to the popular DayZ, people are still wondering what ...

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Dayz Devblog and Patch notes for stable revealed

A new Dayz devblog got released yesterday after a long period of silence from the team.  With the release of the new patch, the team is now ready to move on to other aspects of the game along with optimizing and bug fixing. The new patch finally got rid of the old mouse control system that everybody was complaining about ...

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DayZ-like MMO being developed by Sony

If neither DayZ nor Rust gets you excited, but you’d still like to play a survival online game, there’s hope yet. Seeing how popular survival MMOs have become lately, Sony Online Entertainment will be taking advantage of the potential market, and releasing its own game in the genre, entitled H1Z1. The name most likely comes from the name of the ...

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Is DayZ worth buying in its alpha state?

The success of DayZ through Steam Early Access cannot be contested. DayZ has sold almost 1.4 million copies in less than two months, and continues to be one of the best-selling titles on Steam? The reason is simple – the previous DayZ Mod for Arma 2 gained a lot of popularity, and many of the fans migrated to the highly-anticipated ...

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