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The Elder Scrolls Legends Chaos Arena

Chaos Arena

Bethesda Softworks have announced that Chaos Arena will be returning to the Elder Scrolls Legends strategy Card game this week. This follows Chaos Arena’s success as December’s special event. Starting on Friday, 20th January Sheogorath will take control of alternate PvP Arenas and introduce random scenarios and lane rules. But what else can you expect from the Daedric Prince of ...

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The Elder Scrolls Online gets a calendar outlining future updates

There’s few things that irk players more than not knowing what might happen next in MMO games, and ZeniMax seems fairly aware of that. To that end, they released a calendar of sorts for The Elder Scrolls Online, detailing what kind of updates you can expect to see in the game in 2016. Social updates inbound Among the changes coming to the ...

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Elder Scrolls Card Game Coming

In a move that nobody could have really seen coming, it looks like we’re getting a card game based on the Elder Scrolls universe, called Elder Scrolls Legends. We were treated to this little teaser in-between announcements, and nobody quite knew what to think of it. At the end of the day, this is clearly riding off the coat-tails of ...

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Elder Scrolls Online Cuts 6 Month Subscription

The Elder Scrolls Online versions for PS4 and Xbox One are to be released in 2015

The Elder Scrolls Online has cut their 6-month subscription option. This decision came around the time of the new year, and was not followed by any official announcement, it was much more of a stealth removal. The only official word from Zenimax Entertainment, developers of The Elder Scrolls Online, was, “We have noticed that players prefered subscriptions of 30 and ...

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Elder Scrolls Online: Update 6 Coming Soon

Elder Scrolls Online New Mastery

Elder Scrolls Online has had a busy launch year and are already on their 6th major patch. It is rather crazy to see just what they have all done this year. You can see all of that on the Elder Scrolls Online official site, where they have shown the road the game has travel thus far. Elder Scrolls Online has ...

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