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Halo Online: What is Microsoft Doing?

Halo Online - img: PCGamer

In this day and age, nothing is safe. Because technology is so advanced, it’s nearly impossible to keep files from being leaked onto the Internet. Look at what has happened to Microsoft.  Their attempt to create a Russian exclusive Halo game resulted in the “El Dorito” hack.  The not-so-secret Halo: Online has been leaked. Now, modders are working on making the game available for everyone. ...

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Lizard Squad Promises Christmas Outage

Lizard Squad hacking Christmas

Some people waking up earlier this morning may not know this, but Xbox Live was down last night. While it’s outage only lasted a few hours, Lizard Squad has promised more. You will more than likely recognize that name, as Lizard Squad is the hacker group behind attacks that have taken down Sony’s PlayStation Network, League of Legends, Battle.net, Twitch ...

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NATO targeted by Russian hackers


Russian hackers have exploited a Microsoft Windows bug so that they could spy on NATO and government computers. The same bug was used to access computers in Ukraine and Poland, as well. NATO doesn’t know what kind of data the hackers were after, or what they managed to access on NATO computers, but supposedly, the Russian hackers were looking for ...

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Thousands of Snapchat pictures were stolen and posted online by hackers


About 200.000 pictures and videos sent by Snapchat users may have been hacked and stolen. People claiming credit for the theft say they’ll soon post the pictures online and 4chan users have already dubbed it “the Snappening”. Thumbnails were posted on 4chan as proof of this hack, but there is really no further evidence that it actually happened. In any case, security ...

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5 million Gmail passwords were leaked, but Google is protecting the affected accounts


You’ve probably already heard about the iCloud security breach that resulted in a number of nude celebrity photos getting leaked online. Well, it seems that Apple wasn’t the only company to be targeted by hackers lately. Reports saying that many Gmail accounts have also been compromised went rampant these last couple of days. It turns out that about 5 million Gmail passwords ...

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PlayStation Network recovers from DDoS attack and is now back online


Sony Entertainment managed to get everything sorted out and announced earlier that the PlayStation Network and the Sony Entertainment Network are now back up and running. As you probably know by now, the PSN along with other major networks such as Xbox Live and Blizzard’s Battle.net have recently come under attack by hackers using Distributed Denial of Services to bring them ...

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Anti-piracy music site turned into Pirate Bay proxy by hackers


An Argentinian music industry group that goes by the name of CAPIF managed to obtain a blocking injunction against The Pirate Bay a few days ago. This action lead to 11 internet service providers being forced to block 256 Birate Bay IP addresses and 12 domains, which made the torrent website almost completely inaccessible throughout the county. Argentina thus became the first county ...

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Watch Dogs is already being sold in Brazil


It’s no surprise that players can hardly wait to get their hands on the highly anticipated Watch Dogs. Fortunately, it appears retailers are just as eager to sell the game more than a week before release. Watch Dogs footage for both the Xbox One and PS4 was leaked everywhere these past few days, and even a couple of reviews were ...

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Symantec publicly states that antivirus “is dead”


Symantec, one of the first companies to produce antivirus software now states that such tactics are no longer effective against cyber-attacks. Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president claims that antivirus only prevents 45% of attacks from hackers, and is no longer an efficient tool against malware. Dye says that “We don’t think of antivirus as a moneymaker in any way”, he ...

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