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Why Heroes of the Storm Could (Not) Be The Next Big MOBA

HoS Beta

Last week, I wrote an article discussing the reasons why Blizzard Entertainment’s new MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, has the potential to become the next big game within the genre. From Blizzard’s reputation to the competitive scene that is expanding at an impressive rate, Heroes has a lot of things going for it. With all of this in mind, there are ...

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Why Heroes of the Storm Could Be the Next Big MOBA


It seems that every couple of months new MOBAs are being released. Though some of the genre’s new comers are able to find a decently sized fan base, none of been able to truly challenge the stranglehold that DOTA 2 and League of Legends hold on the genre. However, there is a new challenger on the horizon that is looking ...

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Create a bracket for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Dorm tournament and win prizes


Anyone feeling the NCAA March Madness hangover are in for a treat. Place your bets, because Blizzard is hosting a nationwide tournament affectionately dubbed ‘Heroes of the Dorm.’ Puns aside, the tournament is limited only to college students where the winning team will receive college tuition. With a total of 64 teams, each team will represent their university. The final four ...

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The Lost Vikings join Heroes of The Storm Roster

Lost Vikings Splash Art

Blizzard has announced the introduction of The Lost Vikings, a new character for Heroes of the Storm. Directly from the 1992 platformer title with the same name, the trio (Olaf, Baleog and Erik) is now playable as a hero in Blizzard’s MOBA. Considered to be one of the hardest characters to master, The Lost Vikings can be controlled separately. Each viking ...

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Heroes of the Storm welcomes Jaina Proudmoore today


Miss Jaina Proudmoore was introduced today to Heroes of the Storm via a patch that also adds new skins, bug fixes, and various other changes to the game. Jaina was first announced back at Blizzcon 2014 along with a few other heroes that will join the lineup in the near future. You probably already know who she is if you’ve played ...

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There’s a good reason why Heroes of the Storm doesn’t allow bans in Draft Mode


Pretty much every MOBA out there features several game modes, each with its specific rules and restrictions. If you’re a Dota 2 or League of Legends player, you’re likely already familiar with some of the Draft Modes. These modes allow teams to take turns picking their heroes (or champions) before the actual game begins. In some of these modes players have the ...

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