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iOS 8.2 update fixes battery drain issues on the iPhone 5

The iOS 8.2 update release is most likely set for March, alongside the Apple Watch

The upcoming iOS 8.2 update should focus on fixing know issues we’ve had with iOS 8.1.2, the latest iOS update form Apple released for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and the iPad line-up. The release of iOS 8.2 is nearing, employees in Apple stores already reportedly testing out the software to see whether it needs more tinkering with. ...

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Bioshock coming to iPhone 5 and other iOS devices this summer

2K Games announced today that Bioshock, the highly acclaimed FPS developed back in 2007 by Irrational Games is coming to iOS soon. The company says this will be a faithful port of the original game with the main difference being that you will make use of your iOS device’s touchscreen rather than a keyboard and mouse or a controller. But ...

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OtterBox Unveils New Resurgence Power Cases for iPhone 5/5s

OtterBox Resurgence Case

If you’re like me, you drop your phone more than you actually talk on it, and battery power is of the utmost importance. Now, OtterBox will look to solve both of these problems at once with the addition of their new line of cases, the Resurgence Power Cases. These new cases are for the Apple iPhone 5/5s, and have cutting-edge ...

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New iPhone 6 leaked photos were revealed today

As usual, most of the tech consumers can already imagine how Apple’s next flagship will look like. In this case we are talking about the next iPhone 6 and the truth is that we get excited every time a new leak is spotted. This time, new iPhone 6 leaked photos came up on a Taiwanese singer and actor’s Weibo page. The ...

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New leaked picture shows iPhone 6’s LCD backlight panel

A new leaked picture shows that the iPhone 6’s panel will be an LCD backlight panel, looking almost exactly the same as the iPhone 5’s one.  It is the first time we hear this information about the 4.7-inch display and we are also impatiently expecting to find out more information about the resolution of the iPhone 6.  Recent rumors have ...

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iPhone 6 release date rumored for August

Apple’s iPhone 6 might come sooner than anticipated if we are to believe the latest rumors that are floating around. Traditionally iPhones have been launched in September, but word on the street is that the new model might come a bit earlier this year. September would be ideal of course as that’s when the Berlin IFA Trade Show takes place. ...

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iPhone 6 rumored to feature a curved display

Although we don’t have an official word from Apple yet regarding the iPhone 6’s design, a number of interesting concept images have surfaced. The latest one, created by Martin Hajek is based on a recent rumor which claims that the new iPhone will feature a curved display along with a curved chassis. Rounded edges are not a novelty in the ...

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Faulty power button on iPhone 5 fixed for free

The iPhone 5, released at the end on 2012, has given some consumers a hard time lately.  Although it was incredibly praised by Apple fans, the device seems to have hardware faults, just like low cost devices.  Luckily, Apple actions proved once more that it does not want its consumers to be disappointed.  It is still unknown if only iPhone ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 costs around $256 to build according to market analyst

According to Andrew Rassweiler, analyst at market research firm IHS, the Samsung Galaxy S5 costs somewhere around $256 to build. The latest smartphone in the Galaxy S series was released just a while ago but it is already considered one of the best devices around. The secret to the S5 isn’t innovation, it’s evolution as Andrew himself pointed out: “There’s ...

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