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OtterBox Resurgence Case

OtterBox Unveils New Resurgence Power Cases for iPhone 5/5s

If you’re like me, you drop your phone more than you actually talk on it, and battery power is of the utmost importance. Now, OtterBox will look to solve both of these problems at once with the addition of their new line of cases, the Resurgence Power Cases. These new cases are for the Apple iPhone 5/5s, and have cutting-edge technology that delivers more than twice the battery power of the standard iPhone alongside military-rated drop protection.

OtterBox Resurgence have optimized, high-speed charging with 2000 milliamp hours (mAh), more than doubling the battery power of the iPhone 5/5s. The case comes equipped with four front-facing LED lights that communicate the case’s battery charge level, with each light representing 25 percent of the battery. The cases were designed to withstand drops on all faces, edges and corners, and were tested from 4 ft. But OtterBox also ensured that the cases didn’t look too big and blocky, as the Resurgence cases have a sleek design with a metallic finish and soft touch coat. The cases will come in four colors: black, glacier, teal shimmer or satin rose.

“The military standard drop testing that Resurgence Power Case has passed puts it in a class of its own,” said OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas. “Now an industry first, Resurgence provides more than two times the battery power with serious, OtterBox trusted protection. This revolutionary battery case allows people to leave the plug behind and stay connected, worry free.”

Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend an extra $99.95 to protect and extend your iPhone 5/5s, as that is how much the new OtterBox Resurgence cases are selling for at select retail locations and online at the official OtterBox online store. It’s going to be difficult for OtterBox to continue to be the number selling smartphone case if all of their latest lines have a significantly higher retail than the original $30 cases.

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