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Samsung announced 20nm process based Exynos 5430 SoC

The Galaxy Alpha wasn’t the only surprise Samsung prepared for this month, because the company has also announced its new Exynos 5430 SoC, based on a 20nm processing tech. As a matter of fact, the Exynos 5430 is the only SoC that’s based on the 20nm process. The 20nm HKMG process technology is perhaps Alpha’s most attractive feature, mostly because ...

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha to arrive on Wednesday

The fact that Samsung was often criticized for using plastic instead of metal to build their smartphone’s chassis led to the development of a new and improved all-metal Galaxy S5. Rumors about its launch date kept on popping-out from everywhere, until now when an exciting rumor revealed that the Galaxy Alpha will be released on Wednesday. That’s indeed sooner than ...

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Apple unveils Metal, graphics tech for iOS gaming

Apple reveal iOS gaming boosting tech called Metal during the WWDC today. The new technology developed for iPad and iPhone is aimed at increasing the efficiency of processing power. Following the official announcement of iOS 8, the company talked about some of the benefits provided by Metal. The technology was designed for Apple’s A7 chips and is said to reduce OpenGL overhead. This ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime to be released soon, specs revealed!

Samsung S5’s success has overwhelmed the entire mobile market and now it is about to surprise us again, revealing the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime sometimes in June. The official date remains unknown for now.  Samsung has a habit of releasing new, improved models not long after the initial model hits the market, which makes us wonder if the initial ...

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