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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime to be released soon, specs revealed!

Samsung S5’s success has overwhelmed the entire mobile market and now it is about to surprise us again, revealing the new Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime sometimes in June. The official date remains unknown for now.  Samsung has a habit of releasing new, improved models not long after the initial model hits the market, which makes us wonder if the initial models have had factory faults or the public’s feedback helps engineers develop better versions.

Little information has been offered about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime so far, but the most important improvements consist of a sharper display and a stronger processor. Screen resolution will also reach 2560 x 1440 pixels from the initial version of Samsung S5 with 1920 x 1080.  Also, rumors have it that it could be powered by an octa-core Exynos 5430 processor and as for the external design, plastic might be exchanged for metal.  The advanced version of the smartphone will be named Samsung KQ, according to the Korean press.

After LG announced its first QHD smartphone, Samsung decided to release the new version of Samsung Galaxy S5 before its rival’s release.  Known in Asia as Project KQ or Project K, it will probably launch more than one version, each with a different chipset.  Region-specific hardware might apply as usual in regards to the processor. Also, possible features include a co-processor that will manage audio encoding, decoding and equalization and the introduction of Intel LTE chip. If rumors are real, the new smartphone will amaze with its 2K screen and quite a battle is expected between Prime and LG G3. More updates will be coming soon.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Specifications:

  • 5.2” , 2560 x1440 display
  • 2.5 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor
  • Andreno 420 GPU
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 32 GB of storage
  • 16 MP camera
  • 2 MP front camera
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat




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  1. Now Galaxy S5 is released in almost many parts of the world.So, what about Galaxy S6 http://galaxys6news.com/ which is now a days in rumors..

  2. Tyler Balanowski

    Specs revealed and might have in the same sentence? Specs say quad core and the article says might be octacore and might be metal?

  3. Been There Done That

    I’m probably the only one in the world but I took an s5 home for the weekend and was not impressed overall. Camera was, in the real world, not on paper, only a small improvement over my s3 in terms of what I could get out of it. The lens blur feature was a joke with 9 out of 10 shots not being acceptable (mean the phone wouldn’t process them for this effect), could never get any other type of “cool” shots to work, so was basically stuck in Auto or the HDR (which WAS really nice). The real kicker though was the combination of Android 4.4 with it’s lack of external SD write access (which basically fck’s up every app to do anything on an external SD card). So I found myself sitting way more than I wanted to, with the phone plugged into a cable to my PC just to get files into or out of the phone. Nah… camera wasn’t worth the hassle of this. Ended up getting a note 3, that, yes, has the same 4.4 problems BUT, comes with 32 gigs of internal SD space. (plus a flipping huge screen, and crazy battery life nearly twice what my s3 was giving me during the day).

    • The S5 lets you move apps to the SD card. Also, you can set the external SD card as a destination folder for almost every single Android app. It’s not that hard.

      • Been There Done That

        Not talking about “apps” that take up 2 or 3 megabytes, maybe even 50 or 100 in some rare cases…. Talking about your own files. Presumably one bought that SD card to store stuff on it. I used to sync several folders of work related files (psd’s, powerpoint, large jpg’s) that I did not want tossed in to the DCIM folder. You cannot do this anymore. And I’m not talking a few megabytes here. I’m talking 9 to 10 gigs of stuff.

        1) I can still put all this stuff on the external SD card but now you pretty much need a PC/cable… and you can not modify it, rename it or move it with many apps.

        This means that basically if you used the external card for storage (why else would you get it?) and wanted to sync it up with new files that perhaps overwrite the existing files… you cannot do it.

        You STILL can do this on the internal SD card.

        Putting 2 and 2 together:

        S5 internal space is reduced by approx 6 gigs + another 2gigs for apps that CANNOT be offloaded to SD (some can, but most the “official” apps cannot be moved and must stay where they are, even if disabled). So you’re down to like 8gigs free. Perhaps 9.

        My 32gig external SD now became non-writeable by most applications. I could not edit and save over a photo .. even in the DCIM folder on the external drive. (meaning I could not use an application that writes real meta tags or data to photos I shoot for example).

        So it came down to lack of space really. 8 gigs of “freely useable” space sucks (for me at least).

        I had two choices: Root the S5 which I didn’t want to do (not going to do on a brand spanking new phone), or return it and keep using my S3 with 4.3 which had no restrictions on the external card.

        As I was driving back to return it, I thought of the 32gig note 3.

        So really, at the end of the day, my complaint was around the 4.4 OS in combination with a puny 8gigs of free space on the S5. That’s not a phone I want to take around with me. I was much better off with an S3 with 8 gigs of internal free space and 32gigs of external free space.

        • Been There Done That

          One last comment, because 4.4 is rather new, and on very few devices just yet, I imagine this one reason people don’t really yet understand what lack of external SD card permissions means. I think the “WTF!” type comments will grow over time when people understand or see apps they used to use, no longer can be used, can no longer write out to the external card the same way. If you read patches or comments in the play store from app developers, many apps are trying to overcome the “4.4 write issue”. The bigger ones like Dropbox have the resources to figure out a hack, the smaller developers will crash and burn.

          Quickpic is arguably one of the most widely used “photo managers” and galleries on Android. When people begin to realize they can no longer really use it for photos on their external card… I think people will “get it”. And understand what google has done to cut off their legs.

          This is not an “S5” issue. It just so happened my first experience with 4.4 was on the S5, one with only 16gigs. And it sucked. And I returned it.

          • If you used dropbox..you wouldn’t need more than 16gb at anytime. I have tons of files, pics, movies etc that I have associated to my phone with dropbox, onedrive, etc but its only stored locally when I’m editing it, if I even have to download it. You could have had the s5 and been happy with it, you just don’t understand why 4.4 (google) decided to move this way so your response is do-what-you-know, which in this case, is downgrade.

          • Been There Done That

            If? I have a 150 gigs of Dropbox space (only 90 gigs in use) with 30,000 photos stored there. So, don’t try to imply I don’t know what I’m doing or know how to “do” stuff. My entire career has been spent in tech…graphic design…and A/V development. I’ll say it again, it was not the s5 directly that I didn’t like. It was going from an s3 running 4.3 with 40 gigs of totally writable disk space to an s5 which was supposed to be an upgrade for me and ending up with 9 gigs of freely writable disk space. End of story. Also, as far as the note 3, after a week of use, even if it had only 16 gigs internal(it has 32), knowing what I know now, I would take it over the s5 because of it screen and battery. Camera is not as good, but everything else is better.

  4. It seems Samsung has started doing the same thing it did to many other devices of its own for instance the last Galaxy S device i.e. S4 and now the S5 has started receiving different variants. Anyways, it seems we will be seeing the same in its forefather i.e. Galaxy S6. Isn’t its true guys?

  5. Now Samsung are producing variants in Galaxy S series also that looks interesting for thos who are not able to spend so much money and middle men are also able to use Galaxy S series smartphones and now rumors about S6 comes in the market after the launch of Galaxy S5 as seen on http://galaxys6neo.com/

  6. OS
    Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat)

    Exynos 5 Octa 5422

    Quad-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7

    Mali-T628 MP6

    Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, gesture, heart rate

    read about this a couple of weeks a go,its only 3G but

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