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Milkbag Games Has Announced FutureGrind For Sony’s PS4

FutureGrind Screenshot

The two-person team at Milkbag Games has revealed that their latest game, FutureGrind, will be arriving on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console in addition to PCs. It will feature a 3D environment similar to the Trials series with red, blue and white rails. Players will be riding their grinders with red and blue wheels. FutureGrind will challenge players to reach the end of each ...

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Rebellion Releases New Trailer For Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy Screenshot

Rebellion Developments has released a new trailer for the upcoming undead bundle, Zombie Army Trilogy. It details the top seven reasons owners of previous games in the series should upgrade to this bundle. Players will be able to face the hordes of the undead alone or with up to three friends online. Fans of the series shouldn’t forget that this bundle ...

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Rebellion Releases Evil Genius Remake

Evil Genius Online Screenshot

Rebellion has released a remake of the cult classic title, Evil Genius. This free-to-play remake of the classic base management title will have players advance their evil goals against the forces of justice. It will challenge players to build up their evil lair with nefarious traps and useful objects. One’s minions will be building that lairs, however not everything may ...

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Edge Of Eternity Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Funding Goal

Edge of Eternity Kickstarter Campaign Junor Attack

The crowdfunding campaign for an indie tribute to classic JRPG titles, Edge of Eternity, has reached and exceeded its funding goal. This Kickstarter campaign is being run by Midgar Studio, an indie developer with a few titles under their belt. The team at Midgar Studio was inspired “the great JRPG tradition for the strategical turn-based combats.” They have previously pitched ...

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Our Nation’s Miner Kickstarter Campaign Announced

Our Nation's Miner Kickstarter Screenshot

Kickstarter has been supporting the video game industry for years by allowing fans to fund new and unique projects. The latest campaign on the crowdfunding service is Our Nation’s Miner, the first title by the one-man team at Lord Bytesworth. This top-down space shooter will challenge players to experience the life of a interstellar miner, as an empire falls apart around them. ...

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Offworld Trading Company Enters Early Access

Offworld Trading Company Mars Logo

Mohawk Games has made their first title, Offworld Trading Company, available as part of the Steam Early Access program. This real-time strategy title challenges players to run a successful private colony on Mars. Lucrative asteroid mining rights have allowed the powerful Syndicate to reign supreme over Terra. As a result, governments around the world have moved to re-establish failed colonies ...

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Kalypso Releases Gone Green DLC For Tropico 5

Tropico 5 logo

Kalypso Media, the publisher behind the popular Tropico series, has announced the latest add-on for Tropico 5. Gone Green will ask players to promote the image of a better Tropico. This is all done to protect the secret “retirement fund” that El President is funding from selling crude oil to competing superpowers. The Gone Green add-on includes: New standalone scenario: “Catch the ...

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Strength Of The Sword Ultimate Kickstarter Announced

Strength of the Sword Ultimate Kickstarter Image

A new Kickstarter campaign has been announced for Strength of the Sword Ultimate. This campaign intends to bring Ivent Games’ first project, Strength of the Sword 3, to Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. This two-person studio won’t just be bringing the game over, they’ll be improving upon it. This new edition of Strength of the Sword 3 will include three ...

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New Nebulous Trailer Revealed

Nebulous Logo

A new trailer for Nebulous shows off the mechanics that will allow players to deliver commander Dash Johnston to his destination. This physics-based puzzle title will have players use a variety of puzzle pieces, as well as gravity and momentum to guide the trapped astronaut to the next wormhole. Players will have to deal with unreliable gravity, trampolines, conveyor belts and “other fun inconveniences.” ...

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CrossFire North America Announces Free-to-Play Weekend Event


Smilegate, the creators of the tactical first person shooter CrossFire, announced that they will be hosting an entirely free-to-play weekend in which both the new and current players will have a chance to reap the benefits. Players who are new to the game will receive both the M4A1 Liberty (7d) and the Dual Desert Eagle Red Vein (7d) for participating in ...

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