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Rebellion Releases Evil Genius Remake

Rebellion has released a remake of the cult classic title, Evil Genius. This free-to-play remake of the classic base management title will have players advance their evil goals against the forces of justice. It will challenge players to build up their evil lair with nefarious traps and useful objects. One’s minions will be building that lairs, however not everything may follow players’ plans. Players are unable to directly control their minions, however order will be maintained. Minions will suffer a horrible fate, if they dare cross their master. Players have to train their minions and send them out into the wider world to perform a variety of nefarious acts.

Evil Genius Online will challenge players to use illicit technologies to hatch ever more evil plots. However they won’t be free from interference. The masterminds will be able to spy on their friends and foil their plots in order to advance their positions of the leaderboards. The game’s launch trailer (see below) showcases many of the amazing gameplay moments. Evil Genius Online is available now on iOS and Android devices, as well as Facebook.

The original Evil Genius was released in 2004. It was inspired by the Dungeon Keeper series as players participate in this epic fight on the side of evil. Players are able to experience this 1960’s spy fiction setting as one of three evil masterminds with their own individual skills. It allows players to build up their lair and defend it against the forces of justice. Those forces of justice are represented as one of five unique organizations. These organization protect specific parts of the world and send out various agents to uncover the secrets of players’ island base. These agents can be defeated in a variety of ways, however the biggest threats are the super agents. They are parodies of the hero archetypes from movies of the era. These five agents cannot be killed unless very specific conditions are met. This hilarious game’s final goal is to take over the world. Players will be able to succeed by performing acts of infamy in the wider world, researching evil technologies and building up their base to create the “super weapon”. The original Evil Genius is available on Steam.

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