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Facebook sued for stealing data center designs


A British company that goes by the name of BladeRoom has filed suit against Facebook today, claiming that the social media platform had stolen its data center designs and not only used them in the construction of their new data center in Lulea, Sweden, but also released the designs to the public through Open Compute. According to BladeRoom, Facebook had ...

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Facebook to charge $2.99 monthly fee starting November

Nobody expected such a news story this week, but it seems that Facebook will no longer be a free service. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced at a press conference in Menlo Park, California that the company is unable to keep up with the costs of Facebook and a monthly fee for users is inevitable. Zuckerberg has explained that Facebook ...

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Facebook Messenger No Longer Requires Facebook in Select Regions

Facebook Messenger no longer needs a Facebook Account for use

It was announced yesterday that Facebook will be changing the requirements for Facebook Messenger. In select countries, you can now sign up for the messaging service using only a phone number; it’s no longer obligatory to have a Facebook account. So, if you’re in Canada, the U.S., Peru, or Venezuela you’ll now have this opportunity. This may not do much to help ...

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Facebook launches Moments today


One great aspect of social media giant Facebook is having all the photos of you and your friends in place. Unfortunately, you don’t always get all of the photos you want. Whether it’s party photos that you were never tagged in or smaller get togethers and the pics just never saw the light of day. Facebook wants to make it ...

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Facebook’s latest app banned from EU

Facebook’s recent application, Moments, is its latest attempt at decentralising some of its core Facebook functions for a more streamlined experience for users. It allows users to share their pictures with ease, thanks to its new face recognition algorithms which should take the hassle out of tagging your friends by automatically doing it for you. Earlier this week, Will Ruben, ...

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Twitter removes 140 character limit for DM

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media services on the planet. It has remained in the top ten most visited websites since 2013. One thing that separates Twitter from other social media websites is that it has a specific character limit to what you can send out to the public. While these little ...

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The Rift Between Facebook and Windows – Facebook Connect No Longer Connects

Facebook Connect for Windows

Facebook and Windows seem to have fallen out with each other. Strange considering Microsoft’s recently announced partnership with Oculus – owned by Facebook. Facebook has updated their graph API, their post states that the move was in response to feedback that people want more control over where and when their information gets shared. This also makes changes for people who are ...

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Oculus Steps Up Big for Indies and Links Up With Xbox

At Oculus Rift’s stream and official unveiling earlier today, a number of big announcements and reveals were made. Not the least of which were the deals and offers they presented for indie developers and the new capabilities with Xbox One. For a while now, Oculus Share has been a place that developers can upload and present their work. There’s a ...

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Facebook Lite has been announced for Android

Today the largest social media company in the world has just made another step forward with the announcement of Facebook Lite. This application, only available for Android, takes the Facebook experience and cuts it down to its most essential key points, so as to diminish the amount of data being used. The idea of Facebook Lite is not only helpful ...

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Oculus Rift faces another legal battle against Luckey Palmer

The highly anticipated VR headset has had its share of legal troubles over the years, but the company now face the prospect of another lawsuit as creator, Palmer Luckey is accused of, “taking confidential information he learned while working with another company and passing it off as his own.” A Hawaiian company, Total Recall Technologies, is the one to press charges against ...

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