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WhatsApp gets major free to download update for iOS


WhatsApp has just released a major update for its iOS version. The update, among other minor fixes and improvements, brings the highly anticipated Calling feature to the popular texting app. WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular apps when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family, and now the app has a free calling service to ...

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Facebook in violation of EU privacy laws – unconfirmed

A new report from Belgian universities suggests that Facebook is in violation of EU laws because of its intensive tracking on user activity. The reports come from the University of Leuven and the Vrije University in Brussels, where researchers have published an analysis of Facebook terms and policies, which have been updated over the past few weeks. According to their ...

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Facebook On This Day is kind of a throwback Thursday


Facebook is taking the Throwback Thursday tradition to the next level with a new feature they’ve announced today, called On This Day. People are usually interested in how they’ve evolved over time and I know I certainly love looking back at my old posts and laughing my face off at the stupid things I posted a couple years ago. That’s ...

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Facebook real names doesn’t refer to the name on your ID


Facebook has updated a few of its community standards and guidelines this Sunday to better reflect the purpose of these standards. Among the details that were newly disclosed about the company’s policies, the Facebook real names policy has also been better clarified after backlash against it. According to an official blog post detailing the new community standards, takedown requests and ...

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Facebook is sharing your conversations with advertisers


Facebook is actually sharing your conversations with advertisers, which sounds like a serious infringement on privacy, at the very least. Facebook’s new topic data offering to advertisers means that the social media network is opening up their data so that advertisers and marketing specialists can access the database and search for keywords with which they can target people with their ...

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Facebook says only 4 in 10 people use the internet


According to a recent study published by Facebook-owned Internet.org, only roughly %40 of people around the world have accessed the internet at least once a year. That’s a surprising number to many people, although many studies performed on the same topic result with similar conclusions. It’s surprising that such a large library of knowledge is accessed by less than half ...

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Rebellion Releases Evil Genius Remake

Evil Genius Online Screenshot

Rebellion has released a remake of the cult classic title, Evil Genius. This free-to-play remake of the classic base management title will have players advance their evil goals against the forces of justice. It will challenge players to build up their evil lair with nefarious traps and useful objects. One’s minions will be building that lairs, however not everything may ...

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Facebook scanned your private messages, now faces lawsuit

Facebook actually scanned private messages to target advertisements

Facebook is now facing a class action lawsuit in the U.S. for allegedly scanning users’ private messages without having their consent. Consequently, Facebook violated user privacy and judges presiding over the case said that the scanning had the purpose of gathering data for advertisement targeting. Since Facebook is all about ads and it’s free because of them, Zuckerberg and co. ...

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Facebook CEO discusses the possibility of a dislike button


Facebook already features the notorious ‘Like’ button, but what about a ‘Dislike’ option? I’m sure everybody felt the need to show what they really think¬†about someone’s bad posts at least one time in their lives, I know I certainly did. Although the option has been demanded by users for the longest time it seems like the folks running Facebook are ...

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Facebook at Work to become the new LinkedIN

Facebook at Work to become the new LinkedIN

Facebook is the largest and most popular social media site in the world, but it seems Mark Zuckerberg and co. are not satisfied. Facebook is supposedly working on a different version of the social media platform that would cater to workplace environments. While LinkedIN connects enterprises, businessmen, entrepreneurs and companies, Facebook wants to become the platform of a workplace which ...

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