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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits that Oculus Rift must sell lots of units to achieve market impact


Facebook recently had its third quarter earnings call with investors in which CEO Mark Zuckerberg and co. talked about the company and its progress. During the call, the Oculus Rift was discussed, with Zuckerberg reiterating that this is a long-term project that shouldn’t be expected to become very successful just yet. The CEO revealed that 100.000 developer kits for the ...

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Facebook is asking the DEA to stop creating fake accounts

Facebook asks the DEA to stop using fake accounts.

Facebook representatives sent an open letter to the administration of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA, in short), asking the agency to stop using fake accounts in order to get in contact with drug rings. The story begins in 2010, when a woman named Sondra Arquiett was arrested on drug charges, and, among other belongings, her cell phone was seized. A ...

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Facebook and co will have to automatically send extremists’ data to authorities

Facebook and co. will have to hand out extremists' data to the UK government

I’m sure you’ve heard about James Comey, FBI director, is concerned about how encryption form Apple and Google jeopardize their investigations and how companies like those shouldn’t encrypt data so that government agencies can’t get their hands on them. Apple and Google have responded by saying that data will indeed be available to government agencies, but only if they have ...

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Facebook vs Twitter – Latest stats and figures


It’s no secret that Facebook and Twitter are currently the two most popular social media platforms around. Literally hundreds of million of people visit these networks every month and countless new accounts are created every single day. But how do they stack up against each other? According to the latest statistics by Statista, Facebook leads by quite a large margin, ...

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Facebook will not get any money out of WhatsApp any time soon


Just a few days ago Facebook finalized the acquisition of WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging services around. The deal was originally meant to go down for $19 billion but the sum was later raised to a jaw-dropping $21.8 billion due to the increasing price of Facebook’s stock. This is indeed a colossal investment and one can only imagine that ...

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Facebook wants in on healthcare

Google, Apple, HTC, Philips and many others have recently entered the medical technology and healthcare market with devices and apps that help you monitor biometrics as well as actually offer treatment, like Philips and HTC medical tech devices. Facebook has apparently noticed the emerging new trend and decided to get in on the fun. It seems that Facebook will be ...

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What is the Ello social network?

There has been much hype about the Ello social network following the Facebook “real name” debacle. Recently, Zuckerberg’s company announced that it might delete certain accounts if said accounts don’t feature the legitimate name of the owner. This has prompted panic throughout social media and many users started talking about Ello, a virtually unknown social network that you can sign-up for ...

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Facebook drones will deliver internet connections

Drones have been all the rage lately, with the Amazon Prime Air drones, Google’s Project Wing and DHL’s Parcelcopters. Facebook is getting in on the business, but with a much more interesting cause driving the company. Facebook will use the unmanned drones to deliver an internet connection to areas where people don’t have access to it. Facebook plans to implement ...

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Oculus Rift will be affordable for consumers

Oculus Rift, the VR headset developed by the titular company and bought by Facebook, will be affordable for the consumers. The product, according to Oculus, is going to be cheap and user friendly. Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell announced that Rift could be priced somewhere between $200-$400. The company wants their device to be as cheap as possible. For now, ...

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Apple and Microsoft to be banned by the Chinese government

Apple received a hard blow from China yesterday, as the government decided to exclude iPads and MacBooks from a list of products that can be bought with public money. This decision was encouraged by the security issues China had to deal with lately, and led to the banning of ten Apple products. Apple isn’t the only company whose devices were ...

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