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Facebook vs Twitter – Latest stats and figures

It’s no secret that Facebook and Twitter are currently the two most popular social media platforms around. Literally hundreds of million of people visit these networks every month and countless new accounts are created every single day. But how do they stack up against each other? According to the latest statistics by Statista, Facebook leads by quite a large margin, but Twitter isn’t doing too bad either all things considered. Facebook can currently take pride in having no less than 1.3 billion active monthly users and $2.9 billion in revenue. Twitter isn’t exactly closing in to its competitor, although the micro-blogging platform is still going strong with 271 million active monthly users and $312 million in revenue.

The statistics also reveal a little something about the top three accounts on each platforms and some of the results are pretty surprising. The most popular account on Facebook belongs to Shakira with a staggering 102.3 million followers while on Twitter Katy Perry is the top dog with 53.9 million. Cristiano Ronaldo is second on Facebook with 94.7 million followers while Eminem ranks third with 93 million. Meanwhile, the second position on Twitter is occupied by Justin Bieber with 52.4 million and the third is taken by none other than president Barrack Obama with 43.4 million followers. The difference in popularity between the two social media platforms becomes very clear once again as we look at the total number of followers. As seen from the statistics, the most popular account on Twitter is not even close to having the same number of followers as the most popular on Facebook.

The chart (seen below) tells us that at the moment there are 350,000 tweets and 382,000 Facebook likes every single minute. Also, it seems that most Twitter users (86%) are accessing the platform from mobile devices and only relatively few are doing it from the desktop(14%). The situation is similar with Facebook as well, although the difference is not so huge and mobile users(68%) are closer in numbers to desktop users(32%).


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