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Bungie expresses regret for the extensive launch issues surrounding the Destiny 2 DLC

Online games and updates are rarely without their flaws, and the recent release of Destiny 2’s final chapter was no exception. The servers were overwhelmed and struggled to keep up with the demand. The latest expansion. The Final Shape aims to serve as the ultimate culmination of the ongoing narrative saga. As a result, the overwhelming anticipation of witnessing the ...

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Wasteland DJ Three Dog Actor Expresses Interest in Amazon’s Fallout Adaptation

The actor who brought life to the unforgettable Fallout 3 radio host, Three Dog, has expressed interest in joining Amazon’s highly acclaimed TV adaptation. Erik Todd Dellums, the voice behind the character in Bethesda’s 2008 game, hints at an upcoming project that promises to be even more intense and captivating than Three Dog. With his signature blend of humor and ...

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Vine Shuts Down Today. Export Your Vines Before It’s Too Late!

Twitter’s looping video and social network app Vine was slated for a shutdown back in October, but it looks like the company’s pulling the plug for good starting today. The Vine app was originally going to be pulled from the app store, but Twitter later announced it would be replaced with a lighter app called Vine Camera. In order to ...

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Twitter reveals new project Lightning

Twitter has used its gargantuan success to reach the masses of people on the Internet. Even just those who use Twitter have been able to capture this success to spread out the following of their own careers. It’s hard for a company this vast to increase its user base after going public in 2013. For their next endeavor, however, they ...

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Twitter removes 140 character limit for DM

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media services on the planet. It has remained in the top ten most visited websites since 2013. One thing that separates Twitter from other social media websites is that it has a specific character limit to what you can send out to the public. While these little ...

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Twitter brings its “Experiments” beta to IOS

In 2013, Twitter released a beta they called the “Experiment Program” to Android devices. Only those who accepted the invite for the program on their notifications would become part of the beta, which involves getting new builds to Twitter and being able to test them out before they are officially released. While this caused some buggy issues with those that ...

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Twitter showing weakness in front of Meerkat


Twitter and Meerkat have been at odds in the past couple of weeks, as Twitter abruptly cut off access to Twitter social graphs for Meerkat, the new live-streaming application that took social media by storm. Twitter has purchased Periscope, a competing live streaming application and it is now endorsing the new app heavily to Meerkat users. Twitter is reportedly approaching ...

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Turkey blocks access to Youtube and Twitter


After a court decision on Monday, April 6 2015, Turkey has indefinitely blocked access to both Twitter and Youtube, two of the most popular social media and networking websites of the world. According to a report from Reuters, their sources have confirmed that complaints from individuals unknown have been made in the past and based on those, Turkey as a ...

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Twitter launches Periscope to take on popular app Meerkat in streaming


Twitter has been pretty vocal about its reluctance to accept Meerkat, the recently uber-popular video streaming app that has surfaced in the past few weeks. After blocking streaming from Meerkat, Twitter has finally taken a step forward and announced its own video streaming service, dubbed Periscope. Meerkat has risen to the top of trending apps and topics on Twitter thanks ...

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