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Twitter removes 140 character limit for DM

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has become one of the most powerful social media services on the planet. It has remained in the top ten most visited websites since 2013. One thing that separates Twitter from other social media websites is that it has a specific character limit to what you can send out to the public. While these little blurbs, or ‘tweets’ as they are called, that come from this 140 character limit are subtle and nice, it can can sometimes be quite inconvenient.

Twitter not only works as a form of social media, but also a very good place for networking on the Internet, having access to millions of people with the click of a button. Unfortunately, when you want to direct message (DM) someone you are interested in talking to, the same 140 character limit exists as it does when you want to post to the public. For a website that many people choose to help their business and gain new connections, having a limit on characters for DM’s is very countr productive. That’s why they are getting rid of it. Starting in July, there will no longer be a 140 character limit on direct messages. Connecting with people on the site will no longer take sending 20 messages to one person to get your point across.

With this change, Twitter may gain up on Facebook for king of social media. Maybe in some time, they will develop their own instant messaging system. For now we can only wait for July for at least the next step in the Twitter takeover.

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