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Unknown YouTuber Figures Out Protagonist’s Approximate Season 1 XP Gain

It looks like Amazon’s really great adaptation of Fallout hit a nerve with fans, who are now returning to different games in the series in record numbers. Theories and rumors are already flying around. It should also not be a surprise that at least one Fallout fan has a good idea of what level the main character, Lucy, should be at the end of the first season and even what Bethesda rules the show might be following. It’s okay; we won’t give away too much; don’t worry.

On Twitter, YouTuber Many A True Nerd explains their point of view, and we have to say, it’s pretty convincing. We won’t go into specifics, but MATN starts with a few assumptions based on the idea that the adaptation follows Bethesda’s rules. The first montage of the show shows that Lucy’s skills seem to be repair, science, and speech. Her water problems show that she’s “playing” on Survival difficulty, which gives her more XP. This is strange because she easily beats a tough enemy with a weak weapon. This makes me think that the combat might be lowered, which is only possible in a PC version that has been modified. Finally, MATN says:

In total, there are four main quests, two side quests, and very little combat. However, she probably gets XP for Maximus’ kills when he’s an active companion. You can also get XP for finding new places, but it doesn’t seem like she did that much exploring. Even with the extra XP she gets in survival mode, I don’t think she will have more than 4,000 to 5,000 XP by the end of the journey, plus another 1,000 for finishing the Main Quest. That would put her at about Level 8, and I think that’s too low.

How do you feel? Does the math make sense? Do you think that Bethesda planned for the Fallout revival to look this way? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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