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YouTube Gaming app announced

For about a decade, YouTube has been the world’s go to spot for finding nearly any video they want. Everything from movie clips, to music videos, or people simply acting stupid can be found on the incredibly successful website. Since it’s release, however, other companies and websites have found their own success by having more focus in their content. Netflix and Hulu are purely for watching movies and television shows. Twitch has taken over the market for live video game streaming. YouTube may not be able to compete with Netflix and Hulu for full movies and shows, but it is certainly going to give a fighting chance against Twitch. Today the company has announced the release of its new app dedicated to the gaming world, YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming will feature over 25,000 specific game pages. With this, these pages will contain all the news, videos, and live stream based around that game. You’ll even be able to connect to other channels that have featured that game. To help support YouTube Gaming, the company has also announced that it will be simplifying its live stream broadcasting. Live streams will no longer have to be scheduled ahead of time and they will now contain a single link for each user.

At the moment, YouTube Gaming has its own official site up, but it simply states that the app will be released in Summer 2015 and has nothing else. Well, you can click the middle and make a Sonic the Hedgehog rings sound. That’s always fun. We’ll have to wait for its actual release sometime within the next couple months.


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