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Twitter launches offensive against Meerkat

Twitter launches Periscope to take on popular app Meerkat in streaming

Twitter has been pretty vocal about its reluctance to accept Meerkat, the recently uber-popular video streaming app that has surfaced in the past few weeks. After blocking streaming from Meerkat, Twitter has finally taken a step forward and announced its own video streaming service, dubbed Periscope. Meerkat has risen to the top of trending apps and topics on Twitter thanks to hundreds of thousands of users adopting the easy-to-use streaming app in a matter of weeks. Twitter, for some reason, saw that there would be advantages in launching their own streaming app to counter the flow of Meerkat streams on the social networking platform.

Periscope was made official today and it works in a very similar way to Meerkat. At its core, the app wants to be the replacement of Meerkat and provide Twitter users with the possibility of live-streaming their videos directly into their Twitter feeds. When Meerkat was becoming huge on Twitter, the social networking site announced that it would restrict the app’s access, but at the same time also revealed that it had bought Periscope, a company and app that does the same things as the popular streaming app.

Starting today, people will be able to use Periscope in order to broadcast videos live directly to their Twitter feeds, right from their smartphones. As the field of live broadcasting becomes broader and more popular, Google is also relaunching Youtube Live, with a focus on game streaming and live gaming. Periscope works basically like any other live broadcasting app, save for the fact that it sends your feed directly to Twitter. Once you go live, your followers will be able to comment and “heart” your stream. Periscope will also create a Most Loved list within the app and if your broadcasts get enough “hearts”, they will be featured in this list. While anyone can tune in to your broadcast, after you’re done, Periscope will make it available for viewing for the next 24 hours, after which it will be removed.

The biggest problem with this Meerkat offensive on the part of Twitter right now is that Periscope is only available for the iPhone. Although an Android app should become available soon enough, maybe the offensive would have had a greater impact on users if it were launched on both of the popular operating systems at once. Go ahead and try Periscope out on the iPhone if you like, and get back to us with some first impressions. Do you think it’s better than Meerkat?

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