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What is the Ello social network?

There has been much hype about the Ello social network following the Facebook “real name” debacle. Recently, Zuckerberg’s company announced that it might delete certain accounts if said accounts don’t feature the legitimate name of the owner. This has prompted panic throughout social media and many users started talking about Ello, a virtually unknown social network that you can sign-up for ...

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Apple and Microsoft to be banned by the Chinese government

Apple received a hard blow from China yesterday, as the government decided to exclude iPads and MacBooks from a list of products that can be bought with public money. This decision was encouraged by the security issues China had to deal with lately, and led to the banning of ten Apple products. Apple isn’t the only company whose devices were ...

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Selfies app for Android available for free on Google Play

With selfies being ever so popular these days somebody was bound to create an Android app that could help people with that endeavor. Interestingly enough, the app was made by none other than Automattic, the creators of WordPress. One might wonder why this thing hasn’t exploded yet given the massive amount of people that are obsessed with selfies these days. Well, ...

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Twitter under pressure to release data

Reverend Jesse Jackson, a U.S. civil rights advocate has begun pressuring Twitter to follow in the footsteps of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo, to release its employee diversity data, claiming that blacks were underrepresented in the tech community based on racial discrimination rather than on skills and abilities. Jackson has founded The Rainbow Push Coalition, a black empowerment group, with ...

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Photoshop is finally available for Windows Mobile

Many developers started to take an interest in the Windows Phone platform, as it becomes more and more popular. Adobe is one of them and it launched the Photoshop app for Microsoft’s smartphone free of cost, which can be downloaded from Windows Phone’s official website here. The app comes in very handy for the users who no longer have to ...

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46 New apps for Xbox One – HBO go and Twitter included!

Xbox One

46 new apps have been announced for the Xbox One. Twitter and HBO Go are probably the most anticipated ones, but apps from Comedy Central, Crunchyroll, Major League Gaming and others will also make an appearance. “Twitter experience on Xbox One will be integrated into the TV listings section of OneGuide where you will be able to see the shows ...

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Google could not resist Instagram’s popularity and joined it!

Google+ (plus) has been categorized as a social networking service, that allows users to share photos, news, various types of content and to make friends online.  After Facebook, results show, it is the largest online community in the world with 540 million monthly active users. Even though Google Plus has become quite popular among social media fans and businesses, Google ...

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Twitter might be looking to buy SoundCloud

According to a Redcode report, Twitter seems to be interested in purchasing SoundCloud, the popular online audio distribution platform. The deal is not yet confirmed and details are still scarce at this time, but “people familiar with both companies” claim that it’s bound to happen. This wouldn’t be the first time Twitter has shown an interest in music, but if ...

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Nuzzel – The news aggregation app for iPhone is here

After almost two years since Jonathan Abrams, the founder on Nuzzel said they’re preparing an iPhone app, the social news start-up finally completed the job. A little too late we might add, because many news aggregation apps are already available. So what makes Nuzzel so special? Its simplicity, of course. Other news aggregation apps require a complex setup process or ...

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